Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Conversation with Paul Irey

Paul Irey

I called Paul Irey last week to invite him to appear on Reality Check Radio to debate  John Woodman on the authenticity of the Obama long from birth certificate. Irey has declared it to be a forgery beyond doubt. Mr. Irey’s claims are based on differences in typefaces and other anomalies among various letters in the document. In his book, Is Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud?: A Computer Guy Examines The Evidence For Forgery, John Woodman devoted an entire chapter to Mr. Irey’s claims and found them to be easily refuted. John Woodman has publicly challenged Paul Irey to debate him but Mr. Irey has refused. I thought I would offer a fair forum to them where a full two hours could be devoted to a debate but unfortunately Mr. Irey still refuses. Mr. Irey was kind enough to be a guest on my show earlier this year and I had hoped he would consider a return for what could be an interesting evening.

Mr. Irey and I touched on a number of topics and the conversation while civil did become heated at times. Irey concedes that John Woodman has found some major flaws in his original analysis. Namely, Woodman demonstrated that many of the letters that Irey chose to blow up for comparison are from a vertical section of the document where it appears that the copier or scanner caused a distortion. Irey concedes that Woodman is correct. Irey also said that he has sent an email to Orly Taitz, Jerome Corsi, Doug Vogt, and others advising them of the problems with his analysis and asking them not to use it. I was startled to hear this and told Mr. Irey I had never seen a single retraction printed anywhere. I told him that this hasn’t stopped Taitz from including it with her motions in several court cases and in her challenge presented to the Ballot Law Commission in New Hampshire last month. Irey offered two explanations why he was not that concerned to have his flawed analysis submitted as evidence. First he says he is still sure the birth certificate is forged because a source he will not name from the Secret Service told him in 2008 that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Second, he is working on a new analysis that will be published soon (one would assume in World Net Daily) that will be “irrefutable”.  He also said it didn’t matter because no judge had read them anyway. I suspect Irey is correct that no judge has ever really read his gobbledygook but no real expert would dare let work that he would not endorse be filed in any court.

I asked Mr. Irey if he was concerned that two administrations in Hawaii had vouched for the validity of both the 2008 COLB and the 2011 long form birth certificate and that Dr. Fukino, Loretta Fuddy, and Alvin Onaka had all staked their professional reputations on those documents. Irey replied that “Fuddy and Onaka would both be going to jail” for their complicity in the forgery. I told him that I would bet him $500 that neither of them would go to jail by a date one year from our conversation. Irey would not take the bet. (My offer still stands by the way.)

I then asked Irey how he could explain other additional evidence of that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. These included the contemporary newspaper accounts, recollections by Obama’s teacher Barbara Nelson, and the passport records for Ann Dunham that showed that an official from the state department had investigated the Obama child’s place of birth. Irey was familiar with these but dismissed them all. He said Barbara Nelson was lying and that the newspaper announcements were the result of Obama’s grandmother filing for a birth certificate after the Obamas returned from Kenya. Irey said he remembered reading that there was a Hawaii law that allowed one to get a birth certificate that said the birth place was Hawaii even though the birth occurred elsewhere. He could not quote the statute. He said that was done for a Chinese communist but he could not remember the name. I am sure Irey was referring to the birth certificate issued by the Territory of Hawaii in 1904 for Sun Yat-sen.  Dr. Conspiracy and others have written about this fraudulent birth certificate oft cited by Birthers as proof that anyone can get birth certificate in Hawaii with merely a signature of a relative. No other certificate other than this one from 1904 has ever been produced although Orly Taitz and others have maintained it is easy to obtain a birth certificate that shows a Hawaiian birth with a mere signature of a relative.

Irey also buys into Larry Sinclair’s cockamamie stories. I will not delve into the details but let’s just say Irey is very familiar with all the details and believes Obama is bisexual and met male lovers at Rev. Wright’s church.  He had several of them killed according to Irey. He buys into other conspiracy theories too: Did you know that all the major news outlets have their news stories verified daily by the government? Mr. Irey says that this began in 1947 under the Truman administration and continues to this day. 

Paul Irey’s hobby of delving into conspiracy theories goes back a long way. If you talk to him for very long he will always get around to the Kennedy assassination. He believes the fatal shot was fired from a sewer in front of the limousine and that the famous autopsy photo showing little damage to Kennedy’s face cannot be reconciled with the Zapruder film. He believes the driver of the limousine slowed the vehicle intentionally at the right moment to allow the unknown assassin to take the fatal shot. I did not want to engage him on the Kennedy assassination details. We recently passed the 48 year anniversary of the assassination and I have seen every conspiracy on the assignation debunked to at least my satisfaction. I see no point at spending time on it. 

I am convinced that Paul Irey is sincere in his beliefs.  He might even be a pleasant guy to meet but he lives in a different world than most of us. He trusts no one and wakes up every day sure that unknown sinister forces are controlling every aspect of government and the media. Like most conspiracy theorists he always invokes the shadowy “they” to toss out mountains of evidence for which he has no explanation.  For that I pity him. However, that in no way excuses the fact that he has allowed his so-called “evidence” that he knows is flawed to be used by charlatans like Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi to convince their gullible followers and readers that the President is a liar.

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Hampshire to Taitz: Take your nutiness back to La-La Land

Last week Orly Taitz finally got to put her stack of "zibits" and "dossies" before an honest to goodness official venue. On November 18 Taitz appeared for nearly a full hour before the New Hampshire Ballot Access Commission. The Commission held a hearing on four challenges to candidates for the January first in the nation presidential primary election. Taitz had filed her challenge against President Barack Obama based on her so called "evidence" of a forged Hawaiian birth certificate, social security fraud, and a wrong headed interpretation of the Constitutional definition of "natural born citizen". Taitz gave a 30 minute disjointed presentation and cross examined the single witness called by the commission, Assistant Secretary of State Ms. Karen Ladd. Taitz's challenge was scheduled to be heard last but as is the norm for Taitz she asked and received special treatment from the commission to accommodate her "busy schedule" and move her top the top of the list of challenges to be heard.

The bipartisan commission apparently was not swayed by Taitz and the testimony of several other supporters including one former and several current Republican state representatives. After a very short discussion they voted 5 - 0 to reject the challenge.

RC Radio again provided same day coverage of the hearing with a great account provided by The Fogbow Forum member, Whatever4. It may be downloaded here: RC Radio: The Nut's in New Hampshire Special Edition. A special thanks to W4 and to Sterngard who asked most of the questions during the interview.

A complete video of the hearing was posted by a Taitz supporter, Tim Carter:

One very telling moment came at the end of Taitz presentation when the Commission Chairman Bradford Cook (R) asked Taitz if she had any real evidence other that innuendo and opinion and Taitz said "No". What I found disturbing was the reaction to the defeat by supporters of Orly Tatiz. They accosted the counsel for the Secretary of State following the ruling. They accused the members of the Commission of committing treason. Some of these accusers include several current state representatives. Here is another video that documents the reactions of Susan Delemus and Harry Accornero both Republican members of the legislature.

A written transcript of Whatever4's recollection of the hearing is also available at Jack Ryan's SCRIBD page:

NEW HAMPSHIRE BALLOT CHALLENGE HEARING REPORT - 11-18-11 - As Reported by Whatever4 of The Fogbow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reality Check Radio Is Changing Nights!

RC Radio is moving to Tuesday night at 8:30 PM EST beginning tomorrow night. Be sure and tune in for the same Birther smackdowns.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jerome Corsi, Paul Irey, and Lucas Smith team up to shoot themselves in the foot

Okay, bear with me, this one will take a bit of explanation. Remember the WND article by Jerome Corsi titled How does Obama's document stack up against a genuine BC? that was publsihed last month in which Paul Irey analyzed the fonts on a previously unpublished Hawaiian birth certificate from August 1961? Irey tried to show that this birth certificate had more consistent typewritten fonts than did the Obama LFBC. Irey's font voodoo is irrelevant and has been completely debunked by John Woodman in his book Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud? and by others. (Including this author.)

In Corsi's article a highly redacted birth certificate of a female born in Honolulu on August 23, 1961 was presented as an example of a "genuine" Hawaii long form birth certificate. (No additional proof was provided that this was a genuine document other than a photo of the seal and signature of Registrar Alvin Onaka just as appears on the Obama LFBC. Other than that we are left to take Corsi's word for it since the names and addresses were all redacted.) To any sane person this new birth certificate was a curiosity and if anything supported the authenticity of the Obama LFBC for several reasons. It confirmed that the name of the hospital was really Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in 1961 just as appeared on the Obama LFBC.  The signature of the local registrar, V. K. L. Lee is there as it was on the Obama certificate. The form was exactly the same. However, once a commenter or two on WND pointed out these items a new even more redacted image was substituted in the article that removed the name of the hospital and Lee's signature for whatever reason.

WND Mystery BC front side as originally posted

WND Mystery BC - back side
WND Mystery BC with additional redaction

What turned out to be the real gem in the article was a seemingly innocuous scan of the back side of the "mystery birth certificate". John Woodman enhanced the contrast of the image, flipped it using photo editing software and determined that some of the redacted data from the front of the document was visible. The most interesting bit of this data was the birth certificate number. It ended in the digits "09945". When compared to previously published birth certificates from August 1961 we noticed that the number for Miss X born on August 23 was almost 700 lower than Barack Obama's (10641) and the Nordyke twins (10637 & 10638). The certificate number for the Waidelich BC was 10920. Stig Waidelich was born on August 5. I know this is a bit nerdy but for those who follow this stuff believe me it was significant and blew a huge hole in the conspiracy theories about the Obama certificate number that have been pushed by birthers since the release of the short form in 2008.

"Mystery BC - Certificate number discovered by John Woodman

Some folks thought they could make out the some the names on the "mystery birth certificate" but not conclusively. The best guess was that the last name began with "A" and the mother's name was Theresa Pxxxxx.

With that, the story went dormant. WND buried the Corsi article in the archive and Irey dodged a proposed debate with John Woodman. Then entered he, Lucas Daniel Smith ....

Lucas Smith left a comment on an article at Doc Conspiracy's blog with a link to a new article on Smith's blog. Smith's rambling article contained some juicy details of the sexual trysts between Orly Taitz and Charles Lincoln III at a house occupied by Lincoln, Peyton Yates Freiman, and Lucas Smith in 2009 when Taitz brought in Lucas Smith to testify concerning the POSFKBC before Judge Carter in Barnett v Obama in September 2009. Smith ultimately never appeared on the stand in that case.  In the article Smith also published copies of the Obama birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser obtained by Smith's pal Gary Ronhovde from the California State Library microfilm collection in October 2009. The Obama announcement had previously been published by at least two sources from both the archives of the Honolulu Start Bulletin and the one from the library in California. However, what was new in Smith's article was copies of the birth announcements for almost every day in August 1961. (Now I warned you this wasn't simple.)

Birth announcements from August 1961 Honolulu Advertiser.

On page 37 of the Advertiser birth records that Smith posted is an entry for a baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Ah'Nee born on August 23. Aha! or Ah Nee! This was the mystery Miss X from the WND article. Credit goes to Gorefan at for noticing this tidbit of information.  Now when we look at the certificate numbers we find a pattern:

[Edited January 5, 2012 to include the Virginia Sunahara BC]

Ah’Nee – 09945 – August 23rd, Accepted/Filed August 24th
Nordyke, Susan – 10637 – August 5th, Accepted/Filed August 11th
Nordyke, Gretchen – 10638 – August 5th, Accepted/Filed  August 11th
Obama, Barack – 10641 – August 4th, Accepted/Filed August 8th
Sunahara, Virginia* - 11080 - August 4th, Accepted/Filed August 10th
Waidelich, Stig – 10920 – August 5th/Accepted/Filed August 8th

* Not verified

If it looks to you as if they were assigned alphabetically in monthly batches give yourself a pat on the back. Doc C proposed just such a theory when the Waidelich birth certificate number was captured by this author from CNN's AC360 show last April. The Ah'Nee certificate supports that theory very well. The number of births per month in Hawaii in 1961 (page 205) was around 1400 so the spread in the certificate numbers from Ah'Nee to Waidelich of 974 appears reasonable.

I did a little additional research and I believe that the name of the holder of the birth certificate is Johanna Ah-Nee Randolph of Mililani, HI and the parents names were James K. and Theresa Pukaua Ah-Nee. One has to wonder how Jerome Corsi or Paul Irey obtained a copy of this birth certificate. Did Corsi have a copy of the Advertiser birth announcements? Did he or Irey contact people until they found someone who would supply a copy? Regardless, it shows the intensity with which the Birthers like Corsi have invested their time and money into attempts to discredit President Obama. However, once again the efforts have blown up in their faces.

What are the morals of the story? First, any time Birthers attempt to do real research they debunk their own theories. Second, don't trust your private documents to amateurs like Jerome Corsi and Paul Irey.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

John Woodman: Paul Irey will not debate me because Jerome Corsi might not like it

John Woodman returned as my guest on RC Radio last Thursday night. He said that Paul Irey who had initially seemed open to debating him on a national radio show had changed his mind after reading portions of the book (we assume that would have included Mr. Woodman's debunking of Irey's own assertions about the LFBC). He also said Mr. Irey told him that Dr. Jerome Corsi might not like if he debated John. That is a remarkable statement from someone who boldly accuses the President of publishing a fraudulent document and claims the can prove it beyond any doubt. Why would Paul Irey take his marching orders from Jerome Corsi and World Net Daily?

John Woodman also expanded his debate challenge to include Jerome Corsi and any or all of his stable of so-called "experts" including Mara Zebest and Douglas Vogt.

I say let's bring it on! RC Radio joins in the challenge and would provide time to host such a debate on a future program.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Irey vs. Woodman Debate?

      Paul Irey                                 John Woodman

John Woodman, author of the recently published book Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud? has issued a challenged to Paul Irey to debate him concerning Irey's analysis of the typing on the Obama LFBC. The challenge was issued by Mr.  Woodman in a post on his blog. No answer has been posted to date so we may assume that Mr. Irey has either declined or discussions are ongoing. While RC Radio would be happy to host such a debate, and could offer a full two hours for it to be conducted, Mr. Woodman suggested that one of the larger national radio shows be contacted once the parties agree to the debate.

Paul Irey was one of the two self proclaimed "experts" that accompanied Orly Taitz to Hawaii in August in her unsuccessful attempt to view the "vault copy" of President Obama's long form birth certificate. The other "expert" was Doug Vogt. Mr. Vogt has been invited to be a guest on Reality Check Radio but has not responded to a couple of requests. RC Radio would like to invite Mr. Vogt and Mr. Woodman to engage in a debate on a future show.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

John Woodman, Springfield Computer Guy will Be on RC Radio 9/1

John Woodman, the author of the recently released book, Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?, will be my guest tonight on RC Radio. John Woodman is a conservative who posted a series of videos on YouTube as Springfield Computer Guy who analyzed several claims that the Obama long form birth certificate was forged and found them to be not proof of a forgery at all. In the book Woodman takes on such "experts" as Karl Denninger, Douglas Vogt, and Paul Irey and finds all of their theories are full of holes.

Mike Dunford will also be on the show to update us on the latest action with Orly Taitz in Hawaii district court. 

To listen use this link: RC Radio  You can also call (347) 324-5546 to listen or ask a question.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chief Judge allows Orly to "phone it in" [Updated]*

Judge Susan Oki Mollway
In an unusual move the chief judge of the federal district court in Hawaii, Susan Mollway,  has ordered the world's worst attorney Orly Taitz to appear in her court room next Tuesday at a hearing on a motion for ECF filer status that Taiz submitted. The granting of ECF access privileges is normally a routine matter that can be handled with a simple submission of an application but Judge Mollway has decided that she wants to have Taitz appear in person to defend the application. We can only speculate why such an unusual hearing has been scheduled. Maybe the courts are finally catching on to Orly and her traveling freak show? One can only hope!

It appears that Taitz will have to turn right around and travel back to the Aloha State in the near future for a hearing scheduled on September 14 in the Taitz v Astrue case. All these trips to Hawaii must be putting a dent in her flying monkeys' frequent flyer mile accounts.

[See update below]

This is not Judge Mollway's first case dealing with birth certificates and the procedures followed by the Department of Health. She recently dismissed a case filed by a clerk for another Judge in the Ninth Circuit of all people. The case filed by Adam Gustafson and his wife was over a requirement that the parents race be provided on the  birth certificate application. Judge Mollway was not impressed with the suit and made this comment in her dismissal:

"This case is an example of why people who overreact to situations are accused of “making a federal case out of nothing.'

Plaintiff Adam Gustafson and his wife… proceed pro se against various state officials. The Gustafsons complain about having been asked to state their race and any Spanish origin on a birth certificate registration form submitted in October 2009 for their Hawaii-born daughter. The Gustafsons articulated to the State their objection to a birth certificate identifying their races.

The court has no quarrel with the Gustafsons’ wish for a birth certificate devoid of such information. What follows, though, shows questionable judgment."
Did you catch that first sentence, Orly? Could this is a clue as to why Judge Mollway has taken an  interest in Orly's case? David Lat has a good article on the Gustafson v Fukino case at Above the Law.

In other news in the Taitz v Astrue case State of Hawaii Deputy AG Jill Nagamine has filed a response to Taitz motion to compel her subpoena of vital records held by the Department of Health. The response contained the key flaws in Taitz' subpoenas that several posters at the Fogbow have pointed out repeatedly:
  1. Taitz failed to properly serve Director Fuddy
  2. Even if one assumed proper service Hawaii laws prevent the state from granting Taitz access to the vital records
  3. Obama's birth certificate has nothing to do with a FOIA case asking for social security records.
The response also included a copy of the letter that the  representative of the Department of Health, Keith Yamamoto,  handed to Taitz on August 8th. Stay tuned to RC Radio for future action.


TAITZ v ASTRUE (USDC HI) - 9.0 - MEMORANDUM in Opposition to Plaintiff's Emergency Ex-Parte Motion -


TAITZ v ASTRUE (USDC HI) - 9.3 - # 3 Exhibit Exhibit A - Gov.uscourts.hid.98529.9.3

* [Updated 8/28/2011] Orly now claims that she will join the hearing via telephone. We speculated as such on RC Radio the other night. Nothing on the docket reflects the change but we will know Tuesday.
[Updated 9/10/2011] Judge Mollway did indeed allow Taitz to call into the hearing. A transcript of the hearing is available. Taitz's original claim from the hearing that Judge Mollway granted her ECF filer status during the hearing proved to be incorrect. Judge Mollway merely pointed Orly to the web site where she could apply for the privilege.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Thoughts on Birtherism

Yes, I have been a slacker lately. I admit it. But, hey, we did two shows the week before last when we covered Orly's Great Hawaiian Adventure with Paul Irey and Douglas Vogt in tow. Speaking of Paul Irey, someone must have pointed him to my critique of his flawed analysis. He popped in with a couple of comments as "Anonymous". Mr. Irey again demonstrated his lack of credentials as a document examiner. He also can't understand why the Department of Health in Honolulu would not allow the crackpot Orly Taitz and her two biased amateur buffoons "experts" in with their microscopes and scanners to examine a document that they are prevented by law from viewing.

In case you have not seen it yet there is a new Facebook Group called Orly's World that has generated quite a bit of activity. A few Birthers have joined to regurgitate the same lies about the authenticity of the LFBC and COLB and to try to rewrite the definition of "natural born citizen" based on sheer fantasy.

Our previous guest on RC Radio, Tim Adams, submitted his masters thesis titled Discourse and Conflict: The President Barak H. Obama Birth Certificate Controversy and the New Media. [emphasis added] In fairness to Adams the misspelling of the President's name is on the cover sheet that may have been prepared by someone else at Western Kentucky University. This is a small sample of Adams' writing style that he calls "New Journalism" from "Chapter II - The Beginning":

Down in the Bluegrass
Unbeknownst to my detractors—being as I was coming to Western Kentucky
University from my alma mater, the University of Hawaii—I had already been vetted
many times. I’ve held several positions in both military and civil service, each of which
required both a background check and a top secret or higher security clearance. I had just
recently been invited to the Honolulu Police Academy as part of their community
enforcement program but had allowed myself to be dissuaded by my then-current love
interest’ fears of such a job. A short time later, the girl was gone and so was my
opportunity, as is so often the case when dealing with women.
Yes, that is what apparently is acceptable for a masters thesis in English these days at Western Kentucky. ConWebBlog provided a review of both Adam's thesis and Jack Cashill's fluff piece on it in World Net Daily: Tim Adams'Crappy Masters Thesis

What self-respecting professor would not have rejected Adams' thesis outright for this massive typo alone?
Adams makes other embarrassing errors as well. For instance, he writes, "The other reason anyone daring to call the current administration into question is because to quote the Rolling Stones, 'Meet the new boss/same as the old boss' ('Teenage Wasteland')" -- managing to get both the name of the song the lyric comes from and the band that performed it completely wrong. (It's "Baba O'Riley" by The Who.) He also misspells WND editor Joseph Farah's name and commits the editing error of introducing him as "Mr. Farar" but not mentioning his first name until 12 pages later.
As for the thesis itself, once you get past the subpar stabs at Hunter  Thompson-esque prose -- indeed, he portrays his entire birther adventure as an attempt at "gonzo" journalism -- it's clear that Adams does not want to tell the full story of "the conflicts surrounding speech and public discourse, and the barriers to and consequences for unpopular speech."
Adams portrays "Mr. Farar’s people at World Net Daily," along with the people at the tabloid the Globe, as outlets that treated himwell, as opposed to other outlets that "were something less than stellar when it came to the veracity and honesty of their reporting on me." But as we've detailed, WND did not engage in honesty and veracity in its reporting about Adams, actively hiding the fact that Adams first made his birther claims to a pro-white radio host broadcasting from a conference by an organization descended from Southern anti-integration activists.
Dean Haskins is still pimping his big Birther Summit that promises to bring in tens of people. he might even eclipse Carl Swennson's great Pitchfork Rally in Atlanta that drew a dozen. Dean's $15,000 Challenge to Colin Powell to come sit through 3 hours of crazy has gone two weeks with no answer so Dean is now inviting Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos, and Chris Matthews to be wowed by their "evidence" for pay. (Well, not really because Dean and his buds will determine if they did a super job).

Meanwhile, in the real world, it appears that our President has scored another significant success as the government of Muammar Gaddafi is falling as I write.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jerome Corsi - Ass Ace Reporter

WND Reporter Jerome Corsi
Jerome Corsi has published a series of articles on the extreme right wing blog World Net Daily that purport to expose what he deems to be a vast network of paid Obama operatives who congregate at The Fogbow Forum and who he claims are all over  Internet wreaking havoc on poor unsuspecting eligibility deniers (aka Birthers). His first article revealed the identity of field general,  PJ Foggy (Bill Bryan) the administrator of the Fogbow forum  and a subsequent article focused on The Fogbow member "Rikker". Corsi's article on "Foggy" included a photograph of Foggy with is young sons. It was a nice touch by Corsi to drag Bryan's children into the fray.  The original article also included an exhortation for Corsi's readers to call Bryan at his place of business to harass him. That call to harass Bryan seems to have been quietly removed by the author. I personally cannot remember a more disgusting piece of journalism but I am sure if I took some time I could find one on WND and it probably would be under the Corsi byline.

The latest "masterpiece" from Corsi revealed that he has confirmed that the ring leader of them all, none other than Jimbot, aka Neonzx, who is in real life (according to Corsi) one James A. Johnson, a Democratic party heavyweight and former chief of Fannie Mae. Johnson is a multimillionaire and at one time headed the team tasked to pick potential running mates for Barack Obama when he secured the nomination in 2008. This choice tidbit of information about Jimbot was supplied to Corsi by the dean of Birther broadcasters Ed Hale. According to Hale, Corsi and his team even flew down to Ed's home in Wellington, Texas to review Ed's evidence about Jimbot. Hale who is best remembered for calling the old Art Bell show and claiming he had killed two Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) gave PJ member Neonzx the nickname Jimbot when he called his show way back in 2008 and Ed decided without any particular proof that "Jimbot" was a White House insider. Now exactly how Ed then decided Jimbot was James A. Johnson is not clear. One clue may be a Friend of the Court brief filed by "J. Johnson" in the Liberi v Taitz case and posted on Neonzx's SCRIBD page. Gee, that is really conclusive evidence isn't it? How many folks named J. Johnson are there in the United States? Neonzx never says that the brief is his either.

Another of Corsi's sources is a Birther from Maryland who goes by the handle "KenyaBornObamaCorn" and who was banned from YoutTube for repeated violations of the TOS when she posted videos purporting to out  "Obots" including yours truly. Her information was assembled clumsily and was shown to be wildly inaccurate. For example, she originally labeled the same Neonzx as "Justin" who is the administrator of Politijab. She made many other errors too but I don't really want to help her find her mistakes.

Is Neonzx really James A. Johnson? Several interviews with the real James A. Johnson are available on YouTube including one I found from Australian television from 2009. There are several shows with Neonzx/Jimbot out there too. I didn't have to look far since Jimbot hosted my own Land of the Obots show back in 2009 and has called RC Radio as recently as last week. I put together this audio montage with both of the "Jimbots" so you could listen and judge for yourself. Tale of the Two Jimbots:

It is obvious that they are not the same person and that neonzx has a much younger sounding voice than James A. Johnson.

These photos are also easily found with a quick search: (So why couldn't the great investigative journalist Corsi find these?)

James A. Johnson aka "Jimbot"

Neonzx aka Jimbot aka Justin

Corsi calls himself an investigative reporter but he didn't take five minutes to check out the crap that Ed Hale and KYBOA were feeding him. Any reporter (including this humble blogger and radio host) has first and foremost the duty to try to publish facts. We all interpret those facts but it is another thing altogether to publish what one has to know is a blatant, bold faced lie as has Mr. Corsi. Mr. Corsi seemed to admit on Plains Radio last night that he might just have a small problem with his huge story. He said that his source for confirmation of the article about James A. Johnson was PJ Foggy the administrator at The Fogbow.  Let me repeat that: Corsi's only confirmation for Ed Hale's concocted fantasy is that a guy with a rooster avatar who is known for mocking and satire all around Birthistan posted mockingly that "Jerome Corsi has found us out". So now that Foggy is deriding Corsi for buying this ridiculous story guess who Corsi is blaming? Why Foggy and everyone on The Fogbow of course.

On the same program Corsi was going through his roll call of Obots and mentioned "Epectitus" (Frank Arduini) who was my guest on RC Radio a few weeks ago. Corsi said "I plan to call Frank's employer to see if they agree with Arduini's views on Obama's eligibility". Really? Does it really matter to this faux-journalist what Arduini's employer thinks? Why doesn't Corsi man up and admit that he is behaving like a vindictive child and wants to cause any problems he can for everyone who dares to criticize him or other Birthers?

Corsi published these lies because he has an agenda. He wants to sell his book to Birthers and to defame the President and his supporters. He couldn't care less for the truth. Mr. Corsi, this is Harvard University calling. We would like our PhD back.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doctor Conspiracy on RC Radio

Doctor Conspiracy from Obama Conspiracy Theories will be my guest on RC Radio this week when I return to host. Doc just keeps turning out great articles on the Birthers. He recently marked the posting of over 100,000 comments on articles on his blog.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Orly's latest carnival side show and why it will fail

You would would think after a two and a half year year unbroken string of complete and utter failures in the courts that even the most insane of Birthers would be a little skeptical about Orly Taitz latest stupid lawyer trick. But alas no. They are falling for it again. Birther blogs like Birther Reports and Dr. (k)Hate's are frothing at the mouth over the "court ordered" subpoena that Orly mailed to Hawaiian Director of Health Loretta Fuddy to perform an examination of the "original long form birth certificate". The subpoena was issued in the Taitz v Astrue FOIA case in Washington, DC District Court. Here is how Orly explained her latest bit of legal brilliance:

I served the director of Health with 2 subpoenas. [Actually, it is 3 subpoenas, but who is counting?]
There are two ways to issue subpoenas: first -generated by an attorney and second-generated by the court. Even if the case is in DC, the subpoena will come from the district court in HI, sine the director of Health is in their jurisdiction.
after I served the director of Health, Loretta Fuddy with the the first subpoena, the attorney General of HI responded on her behalf, stating that she will not comply due to the considerations of privacy (totally bogus argument, since Obama already released the document, so he cannot claim privacy as a legitimate issue).
I served them with a second subpoena, this time it is signed by the clerk of the court. Meanwhile I am filing a motion to compel with the judge, saying that they are refusing to comply with the first one and I want a court order. If meanwhile they comply with the second subpoena, I will withdraw the motion.
I have multiple opportunities and multiple ways to get there. I’d like to keep my cards close to my chest, so I will not explain further. All I can say, that If the judge does not rule in my favor in the case at hand, I will continue on multiple fronts and at the end of the day a number of people will be sitting in prison. Several highly positioned individuals will be in hot water. ObamaFraudGate and ObamaforgeryGate is 100 times bigger, than Watergate. It will not go away, it will only grow bigger and it will swallow more and more officials.  Democrat party will end up completely annihilated, if it lasts much longer. also, there is a backlash against sitting republican congressmen and senators. My feeling is,  that during the next election sitting congressmen from both parties will end up being sent home: Republicans will be sent home during the primary, Democrats -during the general election.
Deputy Attorney General for Hawaii, Jill T. Nagamine, sent a letter to Taitz in response to her first subpoena that Orly had signed and explained why there was no way they would comply with the stupid request. She quoted the pertinent sections of Hawaiian law 338-18 that lists who is entitled to get a copy of another persons birth records and Orly is not on the list. Orly believes that since the President released a copy of his LFBC on April 27 that it somehow magically changes the law.

A commenter named "pro graphics" on Birther Reports was so excited that he is offering Orly advice on choosing the "experts" that she will take to examine the original records come August 8:


1. Gather like-dated documents (Maybe the Nordykes will provide one - that would be ideal)

2. Start following leads for experts. A primer for the right approach can be found in this FAQ from applied forensics

Check their public record of campaign contributions - you don't want to accidentally wind up with a mole.

3. ASAP - Get 3 of these people. This could run into real money. Start getting the money together for this right now, and identify the people you want with consultation - investigate their background for campaign contributions - but pay no one yet because we do not know if the subpoena will be honored. If and when it is, DOH is likely to force Orly to rush through the process with only a few days warning - they will try to schedule this on their terms that favor Obama - so Orly must have all her ducks in a row ASAP and be ready to jump.

If anyone blows this opportunity - if the document is made available - we'll be in "conspiracy theory" land forever. The only other thing we can do day-to-day for sure, IMO, is continue doing what has been successfully started: get the word out. Stamping, flyers and the rest. Public pressure will do for us what the subpoena situation will not if it should fail. And people need to have the foundation established for them right away - OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE - so they immediately understand what Orly says when she releases the result.

Someone close and trusted by Orly may want to forward this to her. Might help. You never know.

So how did Orly obtain the most recent subpoena signed by a clerk from the federal court in Hawaii? A quick check of FRCP Rule 45(a)(3) states that any attorney may obtain a a signed blank subpoena from the clerk of a federal court.  This is what Orly did. (Orly stopped reading there unfortunately.) For many reasons including, but not limited to the reasons Deputy AG Nagamine gave in her previous letter to Orly, this inspection of the records will never take place. There is one glaring error in Orly's latest motion to compel that even this humble writer who does not have a legal degree, mail order or otherwise, was able to spot. I am not going to reveal it though. We have given Orly just the right amount of help that she is hopefully going to get exactly what she deserves from Judge Lamberth. It will probably not be what she expects.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terry Krepel from ConWebWatch will be my guest on RC Radio tonight

Terry Krepel from ConWebWatch and the companion ConWebBlog will be my guest tonight. Terry attended the over-hyped news conference conducted by WorldNetDaily at a rented room at the National Press Club yesterday where WND announced they are suing Esquire for a laughable amount of money because Esquire ran a satirical article claiming Joe Farah had pulled Jerome Corsi's new book on the day of publication. 

What's ConWebWatch?

The Internet has spawned a plethora of "alternative" news sources. Some of them -- with substantial financial backing from political conservatives -- claim to offer some version of the “real truth,” the stories you suppposedly don’t get from “mainstream” media.

In reality, these sites are no less slanted or arrogant than they accuse the "mainstream" media of being. They demonstrate time and again that, despite promoting themselves with words like "fairness," "responsibility," "accuracy" and "balance," their real goal is to attack and discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with them, as well as to promote their own political views -- the same exact thing they accuse the "liberal" media of doing.

That is why I created ConWebWatch in April 2000 as the first Web site dedicated to analysis and critique of conservative "new media" -- and it is the only one with these organizations as its main focus.

Reality Check Radio at 9 PM EDT

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paul Irey's biased analysis - "I knew it was a forgery before I even looked at it"

Paul Irey
Paul Irey was my guest on the second hour of RC Radio last Thursday. Mr. Irey retired from the graphics design and advertising profession. He was also an Air Force clerk back in the 1950's. Mr. Irey claims no expertise in document forensics. His background and lack of credentials would lead one to ask why Mr. Irey took it upon himself to perform an analysis of the Obama long form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27 and declare it a forgery. It would also lead one to question why anyone would take him seriously. World Net Daily seems to the only site with any wide distribution who has published Mr. Irey's "findings". Mr. Irey blames the "corrupt media who are protecting Obama" for not widely distributing his analysis.

Let's look a little more closely at Mr. Irey's story. Mr. Irey said he became interested in the eligibility issue in 2008 when he heard of Phil Berg and his lawsuit. Mr. Irey has some of the facts wrong on Berg. He claimed Berg had filed his suit in the Pennsylvania courts and that Berg was a "respected attorney" when he filed his suit. Neither of these is correct. Berg filed in the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and was known as a 911 Truther who wanted both President Bush and VP Cheney tried for treason for their part in the 911 terrorist attack. Mr. Irey repeated the long debunked Birther claim that one could obtain a short form COLB stating Hawaiian birth without having been born in Hawaii. Irey also claimed that he knew the BC was a forgery before he even looked at it because an unnamed Secret Service agent had told him "Obama had not been vetted". Can you say confirmation bias?

More on Mr. Irey and Mr. Vogt's incredible claims >>

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transcript of the May 11 Hearing in Hornbeck v Salazar Procured

The transcript of the impromptu hearing held by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson  on May 11 in New Orleans was posted by Jack Ryan and Friends of The Fogbow today. The transcript indicates that the report given by Georgetown JD the same evening on RC Radio was indeed very accurate including the two interruptions when Orly's cell phone rang, (Cell phones are not allowed in the court by rule and any real lawyer would have been mortified and turned it off after the first incident). The purpose of the hearing was to discuss Taitz motion to intervene in a case involving the off shore drilling ban imposed after the April 20, 2010 BP spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

No hearing had been scheduled. However, Taitz didn't bother to read the local rules, misinterpreted the docket, and flew all the way from her palatial mansion in California to New Orleans believing there was to be one. Judge Wilkinson took pity on the ditzy attorney and called attorneys for the other parties to quickly conduct the unscheduled hearing while forcing parties in other cases who had followed the rules and had hearings on the docket to wait. Taitz silly motion to intervene was denied the following day.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey, Jerry Corsi, while you are filing criminal complaints how about filing one against your boss

Jerome Corsi the author of the instant comedy classic, Where's the Birth Certificate, said Sunday night on the Bill Cunningham radio program that he will be "filing criminal charges against the White House for releasing a fraudulent birth certificate". You know the one the State of Hawaii says is valid? Just how does a building commit a crime? RC Radio strongly encourages Corsi to follow through on his pledge. Please call the FBI today and report this heinous crime. While you are at Jerry, we hope you could take the time to report an actual crime that might be in progress in your own house at World Net Daily. Is your boss Joe Farah committing fraud? He solicited donations to pay $15,000 to the hospital where Barack Obama as born. Now your lying weasel of a boss is welshing on that claim and pocketing the money that the poor fools donated. So Jerome, let's get cracking! Call the FBI. Do it today. Time is a wasting. If you need advice on how a citizen can file a criminal complaint we refer you to Walter "Cordwood" Fitzpatrick III and Sharon "Harpie" Rondeau. They both have lots of experience that they can share with you.They can even help you put together a "Fifth Amendment Grand Jury" to do the job.

If you report these crimes today I will forgive you for not naming the person in the press you say was involved in making the fake long form birth certificate and releasing those 25 Kenyan documents that prove someone tampered with Obama's "Kenyan birth records". All that stuff you promised to release yesterday can wait. Reporting crimes is obviously more important. Please tell us what the FBI has to say.

Update: Corsi appeared on the nutty Alex Jones radio show today (yeah that 911 Truther so insane that even Freeper owner Jim Robinson can't stomach him). He completely wimped out and said that World Nut Daily had hired a "world famous scanner expert" and that he would let the scanner expert file the criminal complaint. I guess Corsi would rather not known as the person filing groundless criminal complaints with the FBI.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jonathan Kay on Reality Check Radio

  If you missed the show with Jonathan Kay last Thursday I think you will be very pleased if you take the time to catch the archived version of the show. (The player on the right side of the blog will do that for you ;) ).  Mr. Kay was an outstanding guest. Jonathan is the author of Among the Truthers - A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground. He began work on the book in 2008 and originally it was to be about the so called 911 Truth Movement. However, as the Birther Movement spread following the nomination and election of Barack Obama he decided to include a discussion of the Birthers.
   When Jonathan talked about the 911 Truthers reaction to contrary evidence I found myself nodding my head several times to myself and thinking yes that is exactly how the Birthers have reacted the mountain of evidence against their claims. Some of the characteristics he attributed to the Truthers included avoidance of news sources with contrary information, clannish behavior and exclusion of "non-believers", and estrangement from other family members. We have all seen similar behavior from the Birthers.
  He also talked about how conspiracy theories have arisen in the last decade particularly in America due to traumatic events such as the September 2011 attacks, two wars, and the economic crisis of 2008. I suppose one could by extension assume the Brithers were traumatized by the election of a black man as their President.
  There is much more on the show including some great questions from several callers that Kay handled with interest and skill. He complemented the show and particularly was impressed with the intelligence of the callers. So was I, but I am every week. If you would like to contact Jonathan Kay and thank him for spending an hour or so with our little group I beleive you can reach him at this email, info@amongthetruthers dot com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RC Radio celebrates two years on Blogtalkradio

This month marks the second anniversary of Reality Check Radio (originally Land of the Obots). Over the next few weeks there will be a special Wednesday night show that will feature some of the more entertaining (IMHO) shows from the first years of the show. Tonight's feature is a replay of the show with Rikker and Jimbot as they reported on the case of Rivernider v US Bank and a hearing held on January 12, 2010 before magistrate Judge Snow in Florida. The circumstances of the hearing are not really of importance except that it brought together for the first time in one court room a collection of birther crazies never equaled since.

Tune in at 9 PM EDT: Great Episodes from the past: The Rivernider Hearing

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dentist Orly Taitz must think all drilling is the same

Dentist and self proclaimed constitutional and civil rights attorney Orly Taitz must be confusing drilling cavities with drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. How else could one explain Orly's latest escapade? it is her attempt to intervene in a case in federal court in Louisiana concerning the now expired ban on new off shore drilling permits imposed by the Obama administration after Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and massive oil spill over a year ago.

Last night our friend Georgetown JD gave us a first hand report on the impromptu motion hearing yesterday in New Orleans that was granted by Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Wilkerson, Jr. despite Taitz's failure to follow local rules and properly request oral arguments. Judge Wilkerson followed other well meaning judges down the garden path and let Orly have a a hearing she didn't deserve.

Also, thanks to Stern for calling and providing the great analysis of the local rules for the Eastern District of Louisiana and Taitz latest desperate antics. Stern had the quote of the night:
"All Orly wanted to do was to slime President Obama and put out on the public record that there is now an official document on file in a federal court in Louisiana from two "experts" [amateurs she recruited on her blog] claiming that the recently released long form birth certificate is fraudulent.     ... She is a shit disturber. She is a helter-skelter person who just wants to create crap and spread lies and she doesn't care how she does it."
I couldn't have said it better, Stern. 

(To listen to the show just click on the BlogTalk Radio player on the right side of the page.)

Here is the full report on the hearing posted yesterday on Jack Ryan's SCRIBD page:


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dwight Eisenhower's Social Security number was geographically associated with California!

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890-1969

An RC Radio tip of the cap to poster "poutine" at The Fogbow who has obtained - legally - a copy of President Eisenhower's SS5 form. This is the form on which Ike applied and received his social security number in 1962. Guess what? Even though the mailing address listed on the application was "Gettysburg, PA". The number assigned was 572-64-0315. A quick check will reveal that the geographical location for the number beginning with "572" is California. So was Ike the first president to commit social security fraud? Will we have to close and raze the interstate highway system?

Of course Orly Taitz has literally made a federal case out of the fact that a social security number for Barack Obama has a prefix geographically associated with the state of Connecticut. The Social Security Administration cautions not to make too much of the geographical "area number" part of the social security numbers. The numbers are normally assigned based on the zip code where the SS5 forms are mailed today.Before 1972 the numbers were assigned based on the location of the office where the person applied for the number. We can all speculate on why at least two president's social security numbers are not geographically tied with their birth place but suffice it to say the odds are as low as Orly Taitz making a cogent legal filing that fraud was involved in either case.

RC Radio is contacting social security fraud expert Orly Taitz for comment. Stay tuned on that one.

President Eisenhower's SS-5

Monday, May 2, 2011

RC Radio Covers Barnett v Obama Tonight

Orly Taitz - World's Worst Attorney
There will be a special edition of RC Radio at 9 PM EDT tonight to cover the oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit in Barnett v Obama. I hope to have reports from several attendees on the sights and sounds of the arguments presented by Gary Kreep, Orly Taitz, and the US Attorneys.

[Updated May 3, 2:06 PM]

Thanks to Ducktape, Sterngard, and Wavey Davey for calling with their observations and analysis of the hearing. This was the fourth hearing in this case that WD has attended. That is worthy of an as yet unnamed award for watching Orly in action w/o getting violently ill. Thanks to Kate520 for her live blogging on TFB both from the night before and during the hearing yesterday. The audio of the hearing should be up shortly so we can see how accurate our reporters were. I have no doubts they were spot on with the analysis.

You can download a podcast of the complete show here or listen using this player:

[Updated May 4, 2011]
The video of the hearing is up now:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fogbow is down this morning

For those of you looking for The Fogbow forum Foggy is having some database issues this morning and it is down. I will post any updates here that I can find. Please feel free to uses this as an open thread for news.

[Update: TFB seems to be up and running again. Woohoo!]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

RC Radio Special Comment

This is the editorial I read on the show tonight:

April 27, 2011

I checked The Fogbow about 9:15 this morning and there it was - news that Hawaii and  the President had released a copy of the Birther Holy Grail, the long form birth certificate. I quickly opened the link and found exactly what I expected to see. Barack H. Obama II was born at Kapi’olani Hospital and 7:24 PM on August 4th, 1961. His mother had signed; the doctor had signed but I couldn’t read his handwriting. No surprise there. They all go to school to learn to write illegibly. The certificate number checked as did everything else. We even knew what the form would look like because we had seen them before. We had seen the ones supplied by Mrs. Nordyke. Dr. Conspiracy had even constructed a version of what he thought it would look like and it was damn close.
At first I felt vindicated. But at the same time I felt sad for our country. Sad that those complete racist lying scum bags known as birthers could find a lying racist scum bag leader like Donald Trump who could elevate this fringe movement to the media circus it had become that moved the President to do this. As always, President Obama put his country first. He knew that with this carnival sideshow controlling the news it would take the spotlight off the Republicans attempts to completely decimate the middle class in America at the expense of transferring even more wealth to their true constituency, the top 1% of the wealthy in this country. I watched Trump’s news conference with disgust. He may have well had said “well the nigger showed that nice shiny birth certificate. I made him do it. I can’t say whether it is real or not. Now let’s see the boy’s college records because no black boy could be that smart and get into Harvard. Oh yeah, did I tell you some of my best friends are Negroes?“  I can imagine what most blacks are thinking today. This is just another time when a black is held to a higher standard just to get to the same position.  How sad for our country that we have really progressed so little since my childhood when blacks had to pass rigged literacy tests just to vote.
And the birthers reacted predictably. They said it is a forgery, why did it take so long for him to release it? It doesn’t matter since his father was Kenyan. Not one of the familiar characters that we have followed on this show issued an apology. Are we surprised? No because they are lying scum bag racists. We already knew that.
I am prouder than ever of my President today. As a person of black heritage he must be seething inside that he would have to take such an unprecedented and somewhat humiliating step to get this lie out of the media so he can work on the real issues facing America. He loves America however, and that is why he did it. That is something these hate filled, racist, lying scum known as birthers who hate this country will never understand. I am ashamed for the Republicans who molly coddled this bunch of vermin for two years. Congratulations to a very few like Mitt Romney who called them out. To those people like Mark Hatfield, Carl Seel and May Beavers who crafted these racist birther bills you also have my disgust. To the liars like Joe Farah, Jerome Corsi, Phil Berg, Tim Adams, Orly Taitz, Terry Lakin, and Lucas Smith words just fail to express my contempt for you.
I hope that when history is written it will be noted that April 27, 2011 is the date that marked the end of the sad chapter in American history known as the Birther movement. We shall see won’t we? We shall see. I am planning a show next week just in case.