Monday, May 2, 2011

RC Radio Covers Barnett v Obama Tonight

Orly Taitz - World's Worst Attorney
There will be a special edition of RC Radio at 9 PM EDT tonight to cover the oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit in Barnett v Obama. I hope to have reports from several attendees on the sights and sounds of the arguments presented by Gary Kreep, Orly Taitz, and the US Attorneys.

[Updated May 3, 2:06 PM]

Thanks to Ducktape, Sterngard, and Wavey Davey for calling with their observations and analysis of the hearing. This was the fourth hearing in this case that WD has attended. That is worthy of an as yet unnamed award for watching Orly in action w/o getting violently ill. Thanks to Kate520 for her live blogging on TFB both from the night before and during the hearing yesterday. The audio of the hearing should be up shortly so we can see how accurate our reporters were. I have no doubts they were spot on with the analysis.

You can download a podcast of the complete show here or listen using this player:

[Updated May 4, 2011]
The video of the hearing is up now: