Monday, November 21, 2011

New Hampshire to Taitz: Take your nutiness back to La-La Land

Last week Orly Taitz finally got to put her stack of "zibits" and "dossies" before an honest to goodness official venue. On November 18 Taitz appeared for nearly a full hour before the New Hampshire Ballot Access Commission. The Commission held a hearing on four challenges to candidates for the January first in the nation presidential primary election. Taitz had filed her challenge against President Barack Obama based on her so called "evidence" of a forged Hawaiian birth certificate, social security fraud, and a wrong headed interpretation of the Constitutional definition of "natural born citizen". Taitz gave a 30 minute disjointed presentation and cross examined the single witness called by the commission, Assistant Secretary of State Ms. Karen Ladd. Taitz's challenge was scheduled to be heard last but as is the norm for Taitz she asked and received special treatment from the commission to accommodate her "busy schedule" and move her top the top of the list of challenges to be heard.

The bipartisan commission apparently was not swayed by Taitz and the testimony of several other supporters including one former and several current Republican state representatives. After a very short discussion they voted 5 - 0 to reject the challenge.

RC Radio again provided same day coverage of the hearing with a great account provided by The Fogbow Forum member, Whatever4. It may be downloaded here: RC Radio: The Nut's in New Hampshire Special Edition. A special thanks to W4 and to Sterngard who asked most of the questions during the interview.

A complete video of the hearing was posted by a Taitz supporter, Tim Carter:

One very telling moment came at the end of Taitz presentation when the Commission Chairman Bradford Cook (R) asked Taitz if she had any real evidence other that innuendo and opinion and Taitz said "No". What I found disturbing was the reaction to the defeat by supporters of Orly Tatiz. They accosted the counsel for the Secretary of State following the ruling. They accused the members of the Commission of committing treason. Some of these accusers include several current state representatives. Here is another video that documents the reactions of Susan Delemus and Harry Accornero both Republican members of the legislature.

A written transcript of Whatever4's recollection of the hearing is also available at Jack Ryan's SCRIBD page:

NEW HAMPSHIRE BALLOT CHALLENGE HEARING REPORT - 11-18-11 - As Reported by Whatever4 of The Fogbow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reality Check Radio Is Changing Nights!

RC Radio is moving to Tuesday night at 8:30 PM EST beginning tomorrow night. Be sure and tune in for the same Birther smackdowns.