Thursday, April 28, 2011

RC Radio Special Comment

This is the editorial I read on the show tonight:

April 27, 2011

I checked The Fogbow about 9:15 this morning and there it was - news that Hawaii and  the President had released a copy of the Birther Holy Grail, the long form birth certificate. I quickly opened the link and found exactly what I expected to see. Barack H. Obama II was born at Kapi’olani Hospital and 7:24 PM on August 4th, 1961. His mother had signed; the doctor had signed but I couldn’t read his handwriting. No surprise there. They all go to school to learn to write illegibly. The certificate number checked as did everything else. We even knew what the form would look like because we had seen them before. We had seen the ones supplied by Mrs. Nordyke. Dr. Conspiracy had even constructed a version of what he thought it would look like and it was damn close.
At first I felt vindicated. But at the same time I felt sad for our country. Sad that those complete racist lying scum bags known as birthers could find a lying racist scum bag leader like Donald Trump who could elevate this fringe movement to the media circus it had become that moved the President to do this. As always, President Obama put his country first. He knew that with this carnival sideshow controlling the news it would take the spotlight off the Republicans attempts to completely decimate the middle class in America at the expense of transferring even more wealth to their true constituency, the top 1% of the wealthy in this country. I watched Trump’s news conference with disgust. He may have well had said “well the nigger showed that nice shiny birth certificate. I made him do it. I can’t say whether it is real or not. Now let’s see the boy’s college records because no black boy could be that smart and get into Harvard. Oh yeah, did I tell you some of my best friends are Negroes?“  I can imagine what most blacks are thinking today. This is just another time when a black is held to a higher standard just to get to the same position.  How sad for our country that we have really progressed so little since my childhood when blacks had to pass rigged literacy tests just to vote.
And the birthers reacted predictably. They said it is a forgery, why did it take so long for him to release it? It doesn’t matter since his father was Kenyan. Not one of the familiar characters that we have followed on this show issued an apology. Are we surprised? No because they are lying scum bag racists. We already knew that.
I am prouder than ever of my President today. As a person of black heritage he must be seething inside that he would have to take such an unprecedented and somewhat humiliating step to get this lie out of the media so he can work on the real issues facing America. He loves America however, and that is why he did it. That is something these hate filled, racist, lying scum known as birthers who hate this country will never understand. I am ashamed for the Republicans who molly coddled this bunch of vermin for two years. Congratulations to a very few like Mitt Romney who called them out. To those people like Mark Hatfield, Carl Seel and May Beavers who crafted these racist birther bills you also have my disgust. To the liars like Joe Farah, Jerome Corsi, Phil Berg, Tim Adams, Orly Taitz, Terry Lakin, and Lucas Smith words just fail to express my contempt for you.
I hope that when history is written it will be noted that April 27, 2011 is the date that marked the end of the sad chapter in American history known as the Birther movement. We shall see won’t we? We shall see. I am planning a show next week just in case.

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  1. Barack H.Obama is wonderful and intelligent president being a part of his president ship will be one kind of great achievement.