Thursday, September 1, 2011

John Woodman, Springfield Computer Guy will Be on RC Radio 9/1

John Woodman, the author of the recently released book, Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?, will be my guest tonight on RC Radio. John Woodman is a conservative who posted a series of videos on YouTube as Springfield Computer Guy who analyzed several claims that the Obama long form birth certificate was forged and found them to be not proof of a forgery at all. In the book Woodman takes on such "experts" as Karl Denninger, Douglas Vogt, and Paul Irey and finds all of their theories are full of holes.

Mike Dunford will also be on the show to update us on the latest action with Orly Taitz in Hawaii district court. 

To listen use this link: RC Radio  You can also call (347) 324-5546 to listen or ask a question.