Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey, Jerry Corsi, while you are filing criminal complaints how about filing one against your boss

Jerome Corsi the author of the instant comedy classic, Where's the Birth Certificate, said Sunday night on the Bill Cunningham radio program that he will be "filing criminal charges against the White House for releasing a fraudulent birth certificate". You know the one the State of Hawaii says is valid? Just how does a building commit a crime? RC Radio strongly encourages Corsi to follow through on his pledge. Please call the FBI today and report this heinous crime. While you are at Jerry, we hope you could take the time to report an actual crime that might be in progress in your own house at World Net Daily. Is your boss Joe Farah committing fraud? He solicited donations to pay $15,000 to the hospital where Barack Obama as born. Now your lying weasel of a boss is welshing on that claim and pocketing the money that the poor fools donated. So Jerome, let's get cracking! Call the FBI. Do it today. Time is a wasting. If you need advice on how a citizen can file a criminal complaint we refer you to Walter "Cordwood" Fitzpatrick III and Sharon "Harpie" Rondeau. They both have lots of experience that they can share with you.They can even help you put together a "Fifth Amendment Grand Jury" to do the job.

If you report these crimes today I will forgive you for not naming the person in the press you say was involved in making the fake long form birth certificate and releasing those 25 Kenyan documents that prove someone tampered with Obama's "Kenyan birth records". All that stuff you promised to release yesterday can wait. Reporting crimes is obviously more important. Please tell us what the FBI has to say.

Update: Corsi appeared on the nutty Alex Jones radio show today (yeah that 911 Truther so insane that even Freeper owner Jim Robinson can't stomach him). He completely wimped out and said that World Nut Daily had hired a "world famous scanner expert" and that he would let the scanner expert file the criminal complaint. I guess Corsi would rather not known as the person filing groundless criminal complaints with the FBI.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jonathan Kay on Reality Check Radio

  If you missed the show with Jonathan Kay last Thursday I think you will be very pleased if you take the time to catch the archived version of the show. (The player on the right side of the blog will do that for you ;) ).  Mr. Kay was an outstanding guest. Jonathan is the author of Among the Truthers - A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground. He began work on the book in 2008 and originally it was to be about the so called 911 Truth Movement. However, as the Birther Movement spread following the nomination and election of Barack Obama he decided to include a discussion of the Birthers.
   When Jonathan talked about the 911 Truthers reaction to contrary evidence I found myself nodding my head several times to myself and thinking yes that is exactly how the Birthers have reacted the mountain of evidence against their claims. Some of the characteristics he attributed to the Truthers included avoidance of news sources with contrary information, clannish behavior and exclusion of "non-believers", and estrangement from other family members. We have all seen similar behavior from the Birthers.
  He also talked about how conspiracy theories have arisen in the last decade particularly in America due to traumatic events such as the September 2011 attacks, two wars, and the economic crisis of 2008. I suppose one could by extension assume the Brithers were traumatized by the election of a black man as their President.
  There is much more on the show including some great questions from several callers that Kay handled with interest and skill. He complemented the show and particularly was impressed with the intelligence of the callers. So was I, but I am every week. If you would like to contact Jonathan Kay and thank him for spending an hour or so with our little group I beleive you can reach him at this email, info@amongthetruthers dot com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RC Radio celebrates two years on Blogtalkradio

This month marks the second anniversary of Reality Check Radio (originally Land of the Obots). Over the next few weeks there will be a special Wednesday night show that will feature some of the more entertaining (IMHO) shows from the first years of the show. Tonight's feature is a replay of the show with Rikker and Jimbot as they reported on the case of Rivernider v US Bank and a hearing held on January 12, 2010 before magistrate Judge Snow in Florida. The circumstances of the hearing are not really of importance except that it brought together for the first time in one court room a collection of birther crazies never equaled since.

Tune in at 9 PM EDT: Great Episodes from the past: The Rivernider Hearing

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dentist Orly Taitz must think all drilling is the same

Dentist and self proclaimed constitutional and civil rights attorney Orly Taitz must be confusing drilling cavities with drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. How else could one explain Orly's latest escapade? it is her attempt to intervene in a case in federal court in Louisiana concerning the now expired ban on new off shore drilling permits imposed by the Obama administration after Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and massive oil spill over a year ago.

Last night our friend Georgetown JD gave us a first hand report on the impromptu motion hearing yesterday in New Orleans that was granted by Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Wilkerson, Jr. despite Taitz's failure to follow local rules and properly request oral arguments. Judge Wilkerson followed other well meaning judges down the garden path and let Orly have a a hearing she didn't deserve.

Also, thanks to Stern for calling and providing the great analysis of the local rules for the Eastern District of Louisiana and Taitz latest desperate antics. Stern had the quote of the night:
"All Orly wanted to do was to slime President Obama and put out on the public record that there is now an official document on file in a federal court in Louisiana from two "experts" [amateurs she recruited on her blog] claiming that the recently released long form birth certificate is fraudulent.     ... She is a shit disturber. She is a helter-skelter person who just wants to create crap and spread lies and she doesn't care how she does it."
I couldn't have said it better, Stern. 

(To listen to the show just click on the BlogTalk Radio player on the right side of the page.)

Here is the full report on the hearing posted yesterday on Jack Ryan's SCRIBD page:


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dwight Eisenhower's Social Security number was geographically associated with California!

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890-1969

An RC Radio tip of the cap to poster "poutine" at The Fogbow who has obtained - legally - a copy of President Eisenhower's SS5 form. This is the form on which Ike applied and received his social security number in 1962. Guess what? Even though the mailing address listed on the application was "Gettysburg, PA". The number assigned was 572-64-0315. A quick check will reveal that the geographical location for the number beginning with "572" is California. So was Ike the first president to commit social security fraud? Will we have to close and raze the interstate highway system?

Of course Orly Taitz has literally made a federal case out of the fact that a social security number for Barack Obama has a prefix geographically associated with the state of Connecticut. The Social Security Administration cautions not to make too much of the geographical "area number" part of the social security numbers. The numbers are normally assigned based on the zip code where the SS5 forms are mailed today.Before 1972 the numbers were assigned based on the location of the office where the person applied for the number. We can all speculate on why at least two president's social security numbers are not geographically tied with their birth place but suffice it to say the odds are as low as Orly Taitz making a cogent legal filing that fraud was involved in either case.

RC Radio is contacting social security fraud expert Orly Taitz for comment. Stay tuned on that one.

President Eisenhower's SS-5

Monday, May 2, 2011

RC Radio Covers Barnett v Obama Tonight

Orly Taitz - World's Worst Attorney
There will be a special edition of RC Radio at 9 PM EDT tonight to cover the oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit in Barnett v Obama. I hope to have reports from several attendees on the sights and sounds of the arguments presented by Gary Kreep, Orly Taitz, and the US Attorneys.

[Updated May 3, 2:06 PM]

Thanks to Ducktape, Sterngard, and Wavey Davey for calling with their observations and analysis of the hearing. This was the fourth hearing in this case that WD has attended. That is worthy of an as yet unnamed award for watching Orly in action w/o getting violently ill. Thanks to Kate520 for her live blogging on TFB both from the night before and during the hearing yesterday. The audio of the hearing should be up shortly so we can see how accurate our reporters were. I have no doubts they were spot on with the analysis.

You can download a podcast of the complete show here or listen using this player:

[Updated May 4, 2011]
The video of the hearing is up now:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fogbow is down this morning

For those of you looking for The Fogbow forum Foggy is having some database issues this morning and it is down. I will post any updates here that I can find. Please feel free to uses this as an open thread for news.

[Update: TFB seems to be up and running again. Woohoo!]