Thursday, March 31, 2011

RC Radio March 31 - Timothy Adams

Tim Adams

Timothy Adams, a former Hawaii election clerk is my guest tonight. Tim caused a stir last year  when he claimed people in the election office knew that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Just who were those people and what did they know? Why was the election office checking out Obama if he was registered to vote in Illinois? I will ask Tim these questions and more.

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[Updated 4/2/2011]

I will posting a transcript soon. In the following clip Tim Adams talks about the "affidavit" that appeared in World Net Daily. It turns out that the document was prepared by an attorney for World Net Daily for Adams to sign. Is this ethical journalism? At least one journalist, Bill Bowman, writes that is was not at Turning the Scale. 

You can download the complete show here: RC Radio 03/31/2011

Thanks to several members of the Fogbow forum including listeme, twinx, mimi, and LM_K,  here is a transcript of the show:

RC Radio 03-31-2011 with Tim Adams

Friday, March 25, 2011

Did Birther Gregory Hollister commit identity theft - and worse?

COL Gregory Hollister  USAF (RET)
Some late breaking news was the main topic on the RC Radio program last night. It appears that COL Gregory Hollister USAF (RET), the plaintiff in the failed Hollister v Soetoro lawsuit may have carried his dislike for President Obama a bit too far by poking around the Social Security and Selective Service databases with nefarious intention. The first part of story first broke a few days ago on Obama Conspiracy Theories where Doctor Conspiracy speculated that Gregory Hollister may have committed a crime if he used a system designed for employers to verify employees' social security numbers to look up the social security number for Barack Obama. The SSVNS site failed to return the number that Orly Taitz and others have associated with Barack Obama. Doc C quotes from the SSVN Handbook:
Anyone who knowingly and willfully uses SSNVS to request or obtain information from SSA under false pretenses violates Federal law and may be punished by a fine, imprisonment or both.
The Federal EIN number of the requesting party is redacted, actually physically removed with a razor knife,  from the copy of the search results so we cannot say with certainty that the requestor was in fact Gregory Hollister. However, several birther blogs have published the search results and attributed them to Hollister.

SSVN Lookup for "Obama's" SS #
Ah, but the plot thickens...

Yesterday, Orly Taitz filed a first amended complaint in her new FOIA lawsuit demanding Obama's social security records, Taitz v Astrue, and attached several exhibits. One was the same SSVN search result page that is shown above. Another was an apparently recently generated copy of Barack Obama's draft registration record that had been mailed to someone. The recipient's address portion of the record had been redacted, again using a razor knife. However, the recipient left the bar codes used by the government in automated mailings. A poster at The Fogbow forum named Raicha quickly Googled POSTNET bar code and determined that the recipient was in fact one Gregory Hollister of Colorado Springs, CO.

Why is this a big deal? Well in fact the site that Hollister apparently accessed is the site where one can update their address and obtain a copy of their selective service registration record via mail. So the person who obtained the record was pretending to be Barack Obama and was pretending to change his address to a new one in Colorado Springs. Some would call this identify theft and possibly mail fraud.

Obama Draft Registration from Taitz Motion
Good Authority has it that both incidents have been reported to the appropriate agencies. These incidents lead to several questions:
  1. Did Hollister act on behalf of Taitz to obtain these documents?
  2. Is Taitz culpable by including these illegally obtain documents in a Federal court filing? (Which she conveniently copied to USAG Eric Holder!)
  3. Why did he redact his address and EIN number if he didn't know he was doing something "sneaky"?
  4. Did the SSA provide President Obama with a new social security number after his number was published by Taitz? That could explain why the SSVNS returned a code showing the number was not used.
  5. What laws were broken when Hollister or someone else obtained this information?

This is a portion of the show where we discussed the illegal database access:

Raicha from The Fogbow explained how she decoded the POSTNET bar code to determine the exact address of the requestor:

More information is available on the Taitz v Astrue topic at The Fogbow forum.Wouldn't it be ironic if a birther actually went to prison or paid a hefty fine for their sad preoccupation over where or how Barack Obama received his social security number? Remember that this tempest in a teapot is over whether Obama was a assigned a number starting with 042 that is normally geographically associated  with Connecticut. Yet the SSA cautions not to make too much of the geographic location and social security numbers:

Note: One should not make too much of the "geographical code." It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information. The numbering scheme was designed in 1936 (before computers) to make it easier for SSA to store the applications in our files in Baltimore since the files were organized by regions as well as alphabetically. It was really just a bookkeeping device for our own internal use and was never intended to be anything more than that.

Yes, that is what this is all about. Orly Taitz has been screeching about this for two years and has nothing more. Now her pal Gregory Hollister may have committed a felony trying to chase a shadow. These people are sad if nothing else.

[Update 3/30/2011] The Colorado Springs Gazette ran an article yesterday on COL Hollister. The article quoted Hollister on the social security access:
Hollister denied breaking any laws.
“I was very meticulous and made sure everything I did was compliant with the law,” Hollister said, noting that he sent Obama an 1099 tax form.
 Oh really?  Hollister sent Obama a fraudulent 1099 form and that made it all OK? What about impersonating the President to get a copy of his selective service record? Did the 1099 cover that too?

Buckle up kids. This story is just starting to launch.

[Update 4/9/2011]  The Fogbow now has a very well done page up debunking the entire "Obama social security number fraud" birther story: The President's Social Security Number

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Examiner needs to have its head examined

You probably didn't notice but I removed the link to The Examiner from the Resources widget on the blog. The Examiner recently decided to support professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau of the blog Pee and Eee and remove both of Bill Bowman's Examiner pages. Fortunately, Bill will continue to post on his new blog Turning the Scale without the censorship imposed by the idiots at The Examiner. I had some hope for The Examiner, which leans strongly conservative in content, to show a modicum of impartiality when they heeded my complaint and others and removed one of the libelous articles written by Anthony Martin about members of The Fogbow forum. However, by completely banning Bowman merely  based on the screeching and baseless complaints of the sedition pushing, liar Sharon Rondeau The Examiner showed their true colors.

The Examiner Legal Team in Action

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RC Radio this week

I am sure the great majority of my listeners will be watching the melt down tomorrow. What meltdown? Well, either the Japanese nuclear reactors, the stock market, or their NCAA bracket sheets. Despite the competition there  will be a show. I invited Mark Hatfield back on the show to give an update on the status of HB 401 but he has not replied to my email. I think HB 401 may be added to the list of meltdowns. Anyway, join me and celebrate St. Patrick's Day on RCR. The ever popular secret word will return tomorrow night too.

The good news is that Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)  may be back on the show on March 24. I am working on that and it looks promising right now. If anyone knows of a guest they would like to hear on RC Radio please get them in touch with me.

[Update] Thanks to all of the callers last night. It was a blast. Special thanks to "Kaid Paller" for her kind remarks about the show! Kyrsten Sinema from AZ is scheduled on the show next week. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birther's keep digging and finding more proof; more proof that they are wrong!

The latest intrepid Birther sleuth is Eugene Bielinksi. Mr. Bielinksi was on the Chalice Show last night. He is an acquaintance of Chalice, a  fellow teabagger and Birther. He said he was the source of the Stanley Ann Dunham University of Washington transcripts that he obtained from the University of Washington and sent to Sharon Rondeau at the Post and Email. Those transcripts confirmed that the Birthers were wrong on claims that Dunham started classes in Seattle a mere two weeks after the young Obama was born in August 1961. The transcripts showed classes started a month later in September and that Dunham was a correspondence school student to boot.

[Comment: Does anyone else think it is odd that UW would send a complete stranger a copy of Stanley Dunham's college transcript? I think someone at UW screwed up.]

Bielinski, a Wisconsin resident who describes himself as a genealogist, said that he had contacted the University of Hawaii and confirmed that Barack Obama, Sr. was enrolled in summer school there in 1961. Ironically the summer term ended on August  4, 1961, the day of the future President's birth. Bielinski conceded that his finding means that Stanley would have had to travel on her own to Kenya in the seventh month of pregnancy or later for Obama to have been born there. He conceded that to be impossible considering the cost and difficulty of travel at the time. (This is something sane folks have been saying for two years, whether or not Obama Sr. was with her.) If Bielinski continues with this quality of research we may have to make him and honorary Obot! To this listener it was unclear what the point of Bielinski's appearance on the show actually was. It didn't help matters that Chalice did most of the talking and drawing all sorts of crazy conclusions along with her callers as to what the U of H information meant.

Sharon Meroni, aka Chalice, aka Chalice Jackson, aka Liberty Chalice, returned to BTR after a two month absence during which she has been part of an outside group of teabagging agitators in Wisconsin and had been continuing to ineptly pursue an appeal of her futile effort to make candidates show birth certificates against the Illinois State Board of Elections. About the only thing new we learned on that case is that her attorney, Steve Boulton, confided to Meroni that he would have preferred not to have come into the middle of this box full of manure. Boulton is a Republican party attorney from Chicago and is working part time to help Meroni with her appeal.  Meroni claimed that the Illinois Court of Appeals had accepted Boulton's motion to file the appeal late and that the ILSBOE now had 35 days to respond. Remember this case is an appeal of the dismissal of her mass challenges of third party candidates in the November election for US Senate.

As one chatter at the Fogbow so eloquently stated it "there are two hours of my life I will never get back".

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Transcript of the interview with Mark Hatfield and Kyrsten Sinema

Thanks to Fogbow members Twinx and Listeme for their great effort to provide a transcript of the interview with the two state legislators who appeared on the show last week. This is not guaranteed to be accurate and is for entertainment purposes only. ;)

RC Radio 03-10-2011

This part was pretty remarkable: (Loren asks Representative Hatfield if one has to be a citizen to be a representative in Georgia. Rep. Hatfield is not familiar with the requirements but Senator Sinema and Loren know Georgia law better that Rep. Hatfield.)

LC: If I – I'm going to change subjects here a bit if I could, wanted to ask something slightly different. The bill, of course, is just limited to the president and the vice president. I was looking for the code section earlier, couldn't stumble across it. I believe to serve in the Georgia House you have to be a U.S. citizen.

MR. HATFIELD: No, I'm not aware of any U.S. citizenship requirement. Now, I wouldn't tell you you're wrong on that, but I haven't looked at that issue. But I wouldn't argue the point. I mean, I think you should be a U.S. citizen. If it's not required, you should be.

RC: Hey, Loren, let me step in here. I want to bring on Kyrsten Sinema. She's my second guest of the evening. We're running a little long. I know it's a great discussion.
Kyrsten, can you hear me okay? This is R.C.

MS. SINEMA: Yes, I can hear you just fine. I actually have an answer to the question that was just posed to Mr. Hatfield. Now, I'm a senator in Arizona and not in Georgia, but I do know the rules in Georgia, and you indeed do have to be a United States citizen to be an elected official in the state of Georgia, because you have to be qualified to vote, and as we know, only U.S. citizens are qualified to vote. So while Mr. Hatfield may not know the answer to that, it's pretty clear, and it's spelled out pretty clearly in Georgia statute.

LC: I actually just managed to pull this up.
Members of the Georgia House must be citizens of the U.S., at least 21 years old, a Georgia citizen for at least two years, and a legal resident of the district they are running in for at least one year.

RC Radio gets a mention in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

[Update: Jim Galloway has replaced the Birther Reports video clip with the original audio from the show that I supplied. A huge tip of the RC Radio hat to Mr. Galloway.]

My interview with Mark Hatfield was mentioned in a column called Political Insider by Jim Galloway yesterday except you would never know it. You see Mr. Galloway was fooled by this video posted on the Obama Release Your Records web site, aka Birther Report. You may remember someone using the name ORYR posting in the BTR chat room the the other night acting like a two year old and calling everyone commies? The ORYR web site embedded audio of my show in its own wrapper without putting a link or giving attribution to the original source. You may judge yourself as to whether or not that is within the "Fair Use" exclusion of the copyright laws. It certainly was unethical.

I hold no grudge against Mr. Galloway but I sent him a polite email asking him to please give attribution to the original source. I really could care less about that birther cesspool that cannot decide on a name. Here is the video from the aforementioned site.

If you don't want to give that site a click (for obvious reasons) here is the same audio:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Mark Hatfield a Flip Flopper?

Georgia Representative Mark Hatfield appeared on RC Radio last night. He had some late breaking news that he had made some significant changes to the bill that included removing unconstitutional provisions such as the requirement that a candidate may have never held dual citizenship. He also said that to prove that the bill was not just an anti-Obama bill he was changing the effective date until after the 2012 election. Here is what he said:

OK, that sounded like a move in the right direction. However, today Hatfield has been quoted on a Birther web site, Obama Release Your Records, as saying that he now really wants to make sure this bill applies to Obama and would folks please call the Georgia legislature and support his bill:
"ObamaRelease YourRecords said...From:

To: ##########
Please understand that I am dealing with recalcitrant leadership which will not allow the bill to move through the committee process. We are trying to get the bill dislodged from subcommittee, and this proposal was made in an attempt to get the House leadership to allow the bill to be considered. The bill would not be required to stay in this form, but we have to try something to get the bill moving. If we don't get some movement right away, the bill will be dead for the year. You don't need to convince me that Obama needs to be subject to a law requiring proof of eligibility; I believe it wholeheartedly and have been actively advocating for it for years. Your efforts would be better spent contacting the leadership of the Georgia House and demanding that the bill be allowed to move. Nothing short of massive public outcry is going to get their attention it seems. I would appreciate your efforts and continued support of the bill.

Please pass this information on. I don't need people on my own side throwing me under the bus! Thanks!

Rep. Mark Hatfield

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry"
"The bill would not be required to stay in this form, but we have to try something to get the bill moving. If we don't get some movement right away, the bill will be dead for the year."
"You don't need to convince me that Obama needs to be subject to a law requiring proof of eligibility; I believe it wholeheartedly and have been actively advocating for it for years."
So golly gee Mr. Hatfield, do you mean this really was all about Barack Obama after all?

By the way, Obama Release Your Records, you  included a copy of a clip from my show and added your Obama hate crap without any attribution. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

RC Radio for 3/10/2011 - Mark Hatfield (GA) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)

I have two guests tonight who have opposing views on their states versions of the "Birther Bills". Representative  Mark Hatfield from Georgia who is the author of HB 401 is scheduled at 9 PM ET and Senator Kyrsten Sinema who opposes a similar bill in Arizona will join the discussion at 9:30. Thanks to both of these busy legislators for taking time from their busy schedules to appear.The player on this page works or the direct link is

You can join the discussion by calling 347 324-5546.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PolitiFact Georgia says Loren is 100% correct on Hatfield's unconstitutional birther bill

My guest from last week, Georgia attorney Loren Collins, got a very nice writeup at PolitiFact Georgia today confirming that everything he said in his editorial last week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and on RC Radio the same evening was correct.Collins said:
"There is not and never has been any constitutional rule mandating that the president ‘has never held dual or multiple citizenship.’ This is pure birther fantasy, a nonexistent bit of pseudo law that an attorney such as Hatfield should know better than to promote."

It sounds like the bill has a huge flaw. Is Collins’ claim true?
PolitiFact just didn't take Loren's word for it; they queried several constitutional law experts.
We presented Hatfield’s argument to legal experts on U.S. citizenship. They agreed that Hatfield’s concept of "natural born" citizenship makes little, if any, legal sense.

"If that [the bill] passes in Georgia’s Statehouse, it will be challenged and it will be struck down as unconstitutional. I am 100 percent confident," said Peter Spiro, a Temple University law professor
So what was the conclusion?
Collins is right. HB 401 does create eligibility requirements that aren’t in the Constitution. We rule his claim True.
Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. 

I suppose this will make it even less likely that Representative Mark Hatfield would come on a radio show called Reality Check, won't it?
[Update] - I spoke with Representative Hatfield and he has graciously accepted my invitation to be be on the show tomorrow night.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stunner! - World Net Daily was lying about Hollister!

WND Article on the Hollister v Soetoro Case
From today's Supreme Court Orders

Well, actually it wasn't a stunner; it was completely predictable. On February 17th the joke of a "news" source ran this article  with a glaring headline that the Supreme Court in a "stunner" had agreed to reconsider the Hollister v Soetoro case that they had earlier denied a Writ of Certiorari. The truth was that the plaintiffs in the case had gone through the motions of paying to file a petition for re-hearing under Supreme Court Rule 44. However, SCOTUS has rarely agreed to hear a case once it has been denied in conference. As expected the petition was denied without comment in the orders list published this morning. We know that they case never actually made it to the "discuss list" at either conference because the acting US Solicitor General waived the response in the original petition and the court failed to request a response on the the original petition and on the rehearing. This is SOP for cases that never make it past the screening process provided by the pool clerks. Sorry Birthers you failed again!

So will WND tell us the real story that not a single justice was inclined to hear this bucket of stupid either time? Don't hold your breath. The rehearing petition however provided WND a chance to pimp Jerome Corsi's new book on Obama. How do these folks sleep at night? Do they give training on lying with a straight face before turning their authors free to write this tripe?

With this denial thus ends this strange case that was in reality brought by Phil Berg. (Not just my opinion, that is what Judge Robertson said too.)  Phil partnered up with John Hemenway, a retired attorney who could file the case for Phil in the DC District court. The plaintiff was retired Air Force COL Greg Hollister who claimed he was "tortured" by the fact that he might potentially be called up to serve for an ineligible president (sounds familiar? See "dumbass Terry Lakin", currently residing at Fort Leavenworth,KS).

Attorney Hemenway was sanctioned by Judge Robertson for being Phil Berg's stooge and filing a frivolous case. Something else to file under the category of "it's a small world" is that attorney Hemenway is the father in law of Margaret "Ducky" Hemenway who was the spokesperson and behind the scenes agent provocateur in the Terry Lakin case until Lakin parted  ways with his attorney Paul Jensen, Ducky Hemenway, and the American Patriot Foundation. Of course, the APF is still shamelessly raising money off Lakin.

[Updated 3/7/2011 4:45 PM]
WND posted a link to a CNN story about the denial of the Hollister petition. Apparently the denial was not so stunning. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Loren's AJC Article on the Georgia Birther Bill

Bravo to my guest Loren the other night for his editorial piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that appeared on Thursday: ‘Birther’ bill won’t pass muster
"Ten months ago, I took Rep. Mark Hatfield to task for proposing an absurdly narrow bill in the Georgia House. HB 1516 would have required eligibility-proving affidavits from only two candidates out of every general election race in Georgia: the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

I pointed out that the only way the bill could have been more directly targeted at President Barack Obama would have been for it to identify him by name.

Hatfield now has resurrected his proposal as House Bill 401. Although the bill no longer omits third parties or vice presidential candidates, it is still limited to just the presidential race.

Worse yet, the new bill is even more directly targeted at Obama. Hatfield’s list of mandated information reads like it was copied straight from a “birther” Web site. Of what legal significance is the name of the candidate’s delivery doctor? Or the birth places of the candidate’s parents?
Why would Hatfield desire the production of this irrelevant information? Because these are precisely the pieces of information that birther conspiracy theorists have demanded from Obama."
Wouldn't it have been great if Rep. Hatfield would have kept his appointment and appeared on the show?  Oh well...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Paid actors are "callers" on Rush, Hannity, and Beck shows? Why didn't I think of that?

Rush explains the finer points of drug abuse to a fake caller
It appears that Premier Radio Network hires actors to call some of their shows to help get the message across. What a great idea! If anyone wishes to apply to be a fake caller on my show you know how to reach me. I can't pay a salary but I can give you the leftover gifts from the secret word contest. The most recent prizes are an Anthony Martin Ginormous Bobble Head Doll (you will have to pay the shipping charges of $167.23 since it weighs 53 pounds) and a Chatty Orly doll. Don't pull the string or the damn thing will never, never feenish.

GA Representative Mark Hatfield is a no show

Rep. Mike Hatfield (R) GA -117
Georgia State Representative Mark Hatfield was supposed to be my guest tonight but he was MIA. He didn't bother to call the show or email to cancel. I suppose he might have been detained in meetings on his Birther bill. It appears to be losing steam at least according to this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
"At least a dozen lawmakers have removed their names from a proposal in the Georgia House that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to prove they were born in the country.

Among representatives that removed their names were Jon Burns of Newington, Penny Houston of Nashville, Tom McCall of Elberton, Ann Purcell of Rincon and Ron Stephens of Savannah. All are Republicans.

“It’s just much more in depth than I originally anticipated,” Stephens said of dropping his support for a measure inspired by the “birther” movement, which believes President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Sponsor Mark Hatfield, R-Waycross, originally had 93 co-sponsors of House Bill 401. The measure first appeared in an elections subcommittee on Wednesday and is up for debate at the group’s next meeting."

It appears that Rep. Hatfield did have his hands full. The Republicans are deserting his bill at an alarming rate. The number is now up to 23 supporters that have withdrawn.

"Some Georgia lawmakers couldn’t backpedal fast enough Thursday on a “birther” bill supported earlier this week by a majority of House members. 
First to block out his name with a heavy black marker on House Bill 401 was John Meadows, chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee.

A steady stream of legislators followed all day. By 5 p.m., at least 23 of the original 93 backers were gone from a proposal requiring presidential and vice presidential candidates prove they were born in the United States. Among them was the bill's lone Democratic supporter, Glenn Baker of Jonesboro.
Seventy sponsors is still a sizable chunk of the 180-member chamber, but is an abrupt about-face from just 48 hours before. Why?"
‘Birther' bill losing supporters
Why indeed?

[Updated to add the cartoon from the March 4 edition of the AJC by Mike Luckovich]

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Birther Radio on Life Support?

Maybe it is a coincidence or more likely it is a symptom of a growing realization that the cold hard fact is that they are not going to remove Obama from office but Birther radio is an endangered species of nuttiness.

From late 2008 through early 2009 Birther radio flourished at least as measured by the number of shows per week. Ed Hale and his Plains Radio Network was king for a while after the ex Hillary supporter and Big Foot slayer cum birther appeared on  CNN in late 2008. Only Ed knows what his real number of listeners were at the peak (he claimed 20 million but that is Ed-speak for 200). Ed ran 3 or 4 shows per week for months. Several of Ed's minions also had regular shows including Ken Dunbar who was one of the original two parent citizen birthers. Ed also ran auction shows where he sold seeds and crank operated radios at inflated prices. Other regular hosts were Caren Hale, Phil "Morals Man" Detrick, and Dr. Mike. Ed eventually drove away his hosts and listeners with his scams, drama queen antics, and lies about evidence on Obama he claimed to have. Ed's health also became an issue.

The final nail in the coffin for Plains Radio was driven when, after Ed had shut down PRN for the fourth or fifth time, he sold the equipment to Fred "Silver Surfer" Shaffner. Fred ran the new network as Texas Broadcasting for a few months. The friendly takeover didn't last long, however, after Ed claimed Fred had refused to pay him for the equipment. Ed claimed he won a judgment against Shaffner in small claims court but never seemed to recover his equipment. Ed came back on the air briefly but only for a show or two. The audio quality was of the can and string variety. TBN didn't last long either and Silver Surfer hasn't been heard from or seen on line in almost a year.

Ed Hale provided some of the classic moments in Birfer radio. My favorite is the night that Ed had a * huge * show about Orly Taitz filing request for an emergency TRO in Texas on behalf of CPT Connie Rhodes. This was hot breaking news. Unfortunately, Judge Xavier Rodriguez denied the request within 30 minutes and several "Obots" in PRN chat passed along the somber news. Ed didn't believe it, of course, and of course the Obots turned out to be right as they always were.

Blog Talk Radio was once the home of several regular Birther shows including MommaE's Radio Rebels, Mark McGrew, and the Patriots Heart Media Network run by Sharon Meroni under the pseudonym of Chalice Jackson. Chalice had several hosts under the PHMN banner including Chalice herself, CJ and Tallulah, David and Melissa, Reuben Torrez, and Lady Libertas. In peak months Chalice and her gang aired over 20 shows per month. Now Chalice and her hosts are MIA. Gone are the giddy days of trips to Washington DC to drop off American Grand Jury "Presentments" at disinterested Congressional offices and agencies followed by nightly shows regaling of the exciting adventures of Chalice, Dr. Penny, and Mac Ellis.

MommaE had to put her her show on hold for months due to health issues and has not returned to the air. She says she is no longer a Birther and is now a regular poster at the anti-birther site The Fogbow of all places. Mark McGrew of  Sentinel radio hasn't had a program since July 2010. Andrea Shea King still has an hour show every weeknight on BTR. Andrea spends most of her air time pushing anti-Obama World Net Daily inspired tripe. She still dabbles in Birtherism from time to time since it fits her Obama hating meme. She was caught recently deceptively editing the archive of a show with Dr. Greg Lakin and family mouthpiece Mario Ciavolino when a  caller got Greg to admit Terry had tried and failed to obtain a long form Hawaiian birth certificate for his daughter. When King was called out in chat the following night for the editing she laughed it off and lied about it.

I could say "How the mighty have fallen" but Birther radio was never mighty so it didn't have far to fall.
I am sure I have missed a player or two in the Birther radio saga. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Transcript of Interview with Mae Beavers

Here is a transcript of the interview with Senator Beavers interview from the show last week. Thanks to The Fogbow members listeme and twinx who both worked on this!

Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers