Monday, January 23, 2012

My Blog Has Moved

Well, it has always been "moving' but it is really moving now. :) The RC Radio Blog has moved to a Blog. The new address is
Please update your links and bookmarks. Thanks to all the bloggers who have linked to my blog. I am updating the blog roll at the new blog so if your blog is linked now it will soon be linked at the new blog. If you do not want you blog linked please let me know.

You can continue to comment on existing articles at the new blog. Comments are closed on this one.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Circus is Coming to Georgia and Judge Malihi is the Ringmaster

Verbalobe (the creator of the brilliant Birther Dreams cartoon series) wrote a post at the Fogbow that I believe captures my own thoughts on the Georgia ballot challenge:
If Judge Malihi permits the full Cirque du Merde, in the end he and Georgia will disgrace themselves, even though the goal may be to disgrace the President. Partly because of the plain facts and Americans' inherent decency and good sense; but mostly because Orly Taitz makes anyone who provides a venue for her twaddle look irresponsible, or worse.

As a matter of self defense, the Republicans in Georgia, particularly the Republican Secretary of State, should put a stop to this extravaganza. The COLB proves Obama is eligible and it's not a secret. There's really nothing to "prove." But the Republicans in Georgia will prove something about themselves and the nightsoil may well spatter everyone except the President. [-o<

If this goes forward as it appears to be unfolding, some people who think they're clever now, will have their own "oh shit" moment, and it will be too late.
If you are like me you had to cheat and Google "du Merde". I would have just said "freak show". I don't know what Judge Malihi's motivations might be for letting Orly misuse his name on bogus subpoenas downloaded from the court web site. We can speculate everything from him being a closet Birther to being a frustrated low level administrative law judge who wants his moment in the spotlight. In the end it will not matter for Barack Obama and the Democrats. He will be the candidate for the party in all fifty states and the other districts and territories represented at the convention in September. I hope Mr. Jablonski shows up at the hearing, submits a COLB and calls this hearing for what it is. The Georgia Republicans will then be known as the party that said to the first black president in the year 2012 "show me your papers, boy." 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woodman v Corsi, et. al. and a Special Edition of RC Radio

John Woodman will debate Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, and Tom Harrison in the first hour and a half, and Jerome Corsi appearing for the last half hour on Mark Gillars Blog Talk show this afternoon at 3 PM EST.

Here is a direct link to the Gillar show. At 2 PM CST this should open and play: Mark Gillar Show. You can also call and listen on this number I believe: (646) 727-3170 (Mr. Gillar says he will not be taking questions.)

John will also be on a special edtion of RC Radio immediately following for a  “debriefing” starting at 5 PM EST/ 4 PM CST. The link is RC Radio Debate Wrapup Show or you may call (347) 324-5546 to listen or ask a question.

Friday, January 13, 2012

RC Radio will cover the subpoena enforcement hearing with a special show tonight

A special episode of RC Radio is scheduled at 9 PM ET tonight to cover the hearing being held today in Judge Nishimura's court in Honolulu. Orly Taitz is seeking an order to have her "phony" subpoenas from Georgia to have Health Director Fuddy and others appear at the ballot challenge hearing in Atlanta on January 26 to be enforced by the court in Hawaii. Deputy AG Jill Nagamine may have other things in mind.

Here is a direct link to the show: Reciprocal Enforcement Hearing - Back to Hawaii

Monday, January 2, 2012

RC Radio Natural Born Citizen Debate Challenge

I would like to start off 2012 with a bang!

Who is a natural born citizen? Before late 2008 there was not much discussion of this question except in some obscure legal articles and talk about a few candidates not born on US soil like Mitt Romney's father (born in Mexico) and John McCain (born in the Canal Zone). Recently, many of those known as the "Birthers" started telling us that almost everything we learned about this term for 200 years is wrong. In 2008 during the run up to the election all the conversation was about "the birth certificate" but now the debate has moved to the claim that to be a natural born citizen requires both parents to be citizens at the time of birth. Even some politicians in New Hampshire and in Georgia have embraced the idea. What gives? I say let's get this settled.

I challenge proponents of both sides of the discussion on the definition of the term  "natural born citizen" in the United States Constitution under the requirements for president and vice president to a debate on Reality Check Radio on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.  I have arranged for up to three supporters of the traditional definition that a US citizen at birth is a natural born citizen to represent the "Obot" side of the debate. I challenge the "Birther" side to provide up to three proponents to take on the challenge.

The debate will be 90 minutes long and both sides will have equal time. Timing will be strictly enforced. Each side will be given equal time for opening and closing arguments. Each side will be able to ask the other side 4 questions of their choice and have time for rebuttal to the answers. The moderator (me) will ask 1 or 2 questions if issues appear to need further discussion. The remainder of the show will allow the listeners to call and ask questions.

I extend this challenge to Leo Donofrio, Mario Apuzzo, Charles Kerchner, Orly Taitz, Dean Haskins, Jerome Corsi, or any other proponent of the "two citizen parent" definition of natural born citizen. This is your chance to prove you are right. The first three who accept will be selected as participants  unless they wish to give up a spot to someone prior to the debate.

I will enforce a fair debate. If you are interested please contact me at realitycheck1776 at gmail period com or through the "Contact Me" link on

Please feel free to link or copy this article to your blog or forum to get the word out. A refusal by either side to defend their position will be noted.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paul Irey's Reply

Mr. Irey said he tried to post some of the following comments here on my blog but as it turned out he was replying to a website that linked to Doctor Conspiracy's comment on my article. Mr. Irey then sent me a couple of emails with comments. I told Mr. Irey that I would publish his comments here unedited. I will provide additional comments later.
  Obviously it is unfair for the moderator of "Reality Check Radio" to use my name but he won't use his own.  Who is the author of this article?  Why doesn't he release his name as I have?  The reason the WND story is not released yet is because ... first they decided to wait until after Christmas ... and second ... last week I learned that I would be in possession of a high resolution scan of a legitimate birth certificate from the Honolulu dept. of health from the era that will allow me to compare it to the problems I have found with Obama's BC.  This article should put a real dent in Woodman's prior findings that there is nothing wrong with Obama's BC.  Wait and see.  Then better evidence is still coming.  I have two more studies in progress and another researcher has even better proof.  I did not bet Mr. ??? $5,000 that officials at the health dept. would go to jail because ... even though they are guilty ... gov. has probably guaranteed them that no one would face charges in any case.

     Anyone who doesn't believe Larry Sinclair ... only has to look at what happened to Cain.  Here was another black candidate for president quickly hounded out of the running by media that started out only repeating rumors of the type they could have used with Larry Sinclair's claims ... but did not.  You also will not repeat our discussion of Mr. Sinclair being arrested at the National Press Club 2 blocks from the White House where he gave a news conference relating his story to the media ... that never reported anything about his presentation ... including the fact that he was arrested at that news conference in front of the press on a warrant issued by Beau Binden ... the son of Joe Biden ... on false charges ... two days before the Democratic National Convention that led to Joe Biden being nominated for Vice President.  Political favor?  The major media should have at least reported that false arrest.  But they were not allowed to ... and still are not allowed to.  So much for media honesty.

     If you believe that major media editors can print whatever they like ... ask Mr. ??? why they did not print any news or statements from that night at the National Press Club in Wash. D.C. ... but ran Cain out of office on far less information?  Government control is why.  There is no other answer.

     Also we learned later that it was the White House copier that created the distortions that would have deceived anyone. We notified the FBI that the White House might not always want copies coming from there to be so easily identified because of those peculiar distortions ... and there might have even been devices planted that would easily identify any document copied at the White House and given unintended intelligence to spy agencies in other countries.  Planting spy devices in copiers at important official locations is not new.  We did it to the Russian embassy in D.C. years ago.  Why didn't Mr. Woodman notify the White House himself immediately?  All the newspapers that received the handouts that morning on the 27th of April had those distortions because it was the White House copier that made them.  Because those handouts were far better in detail than the PDF released by the White House online ... is why I use them in the first place.  Had the major media printed my evidence when it first came out ... we might have found this out much sooner.  Doesn't anyone think it odd that major media refused to run the story about letters on the BC not matching each other ... but rumors of comments made by Herman Cain to a few women years ago were sufficient to slander the name of a black candidate for president?  It was shameless.

Paul Irey
[He also sent these followup comments:]

Mr. RC ???

     If you are contesting my statements ... then your name has as much bearing as mine.

     I attempted to "publish" the text in blue again at your website".

     If it does not publish this time ... you should publish it yourself along with this statement.  The supportive statements I had made to you during our conversation about the arrest of Larry Sinclair that still can not be mentioned in the major media ... even though it happened in front of 100 reporters at the National Press Club in 2008 ... during the time of the election process ... should be proof enough of the press censorship I mentioned. You also mention my contention that JFK was shot from the sewer drain but forgot to mention that I told you that I had seen the one time showing of the Marie Muchmore film on channel 5 in New York City that showed that the limo stopped at the moment of the fatal head shot.  That's an important part of my story. The Zapruder film does not show that stop and has painted in the appearance of an exit wound in the front of his face.  The attached poster shows that better.  Media will not publish that or ever refer to the fact that the government's own evidence clearly contradicts itself. The fact that media will still not publish my poster ... even though none of the supporters of the Oswald did it alone theory ... including Gary Mack himself ... who is the curator of the Texas Schoolbook Depository Museum ... have ever been able to give me any kind of answer as to this contradiction.  That's what I meant by a supportive statement ... and your not referring to what I said to support my claims was not "fairly representing our conversation".

   In addition ... I read your statement ....

"I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Irey on a Reality Check Radio program, hosted by RC. I found Irey to be sincere and honest, but at the same deeply influenced by his own biases about the President. Honesty won out, and in conversations with RC, Irey admitted he was wrong in some of his claims. This hasn’t stopped the Birthers from continuing to use Irey’s prior reports as evidence."
[Editorial comment: This is not my statement. See below.]
     I interpret that to mean that when you called me ... we were both being broadcast on your radio show and you did not mention that.  If we were being broadcast ... and I was led to believe that your call was a private conversation ... isn't that illegal?  Aren't you supposed to ask me if I want to be on your show?

     In addition Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi were both informed of my feeling that part of the "different typeface" evidence may be flawed as a result of my understanding of Woodman's findings ... prior to your call.  Some of it is still correct ... but I informed them that I had lost complete confidence in the evidence and would not support it if required to testify ... but would rely on the new evidence that was already available to them at the time ... but not published by WND yet ... and I would give it to you now but I don't want to "scoop" mr. Corsi or WND.

     So in addition to the text in blue below this ... you should publish the entire text of what I have just said here ... and if possible publish the JFK poster attached.  I think that otherwise it is easy to assume that I am a kook for making my claims ... which I did not make to you without these supportive statements and they should be included at your website for your readers to consider.

Paul Irey
[Editorial comment:

Mr. Irey was confused by the following article which linked to a blog post by Doctor Conspiracy: Before It's News: Paul Irey Backtracks

The comment that Mr. Irey attributed to me was actually made by Doc C who referenced his call to RC Radio on my program on June 23, 2011. I neither recorded nor broadcast my call to Paul Irey in November that is the basis for the previous article on this blog.

I am also publishing the poster that Mr. Irey sent me on the Kennedy assassination. Warning: This content is very graphic.]