Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RC Radio this week

I am sure the great majority of my listeners will be watching the melt down tomorrow. What meltdown? Well, either the Japanese nuclear reactors, the stock market, or their NCAA bracket sheets. Despite the competition there  will be a show. I invited Mark Hatfield back on the show to give an update on the status of HB 401 but he has not replied to my email. I think HB 401 may be added to the list of meltdowns. Anyway, join me and celebrate St. Patrick's Day on RCR. The ever popular secret word will return tomorrow night too.

The good news is that Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)  may be back on the show on March 24. I am working on that and it looks promising right now. If anyone knows of a guest they would like to hear on RC Radio please get them in touch with me.

[Update] Thanks to all of the callers last night. It was a blast. Special thanks to "Kaid Paller" for her kind remarks about the show! Kyrsten Sinema from AZ is scheduled on the show next week.