Sunday, March 13, 2011

RC Radio gets a mention in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

[Update: Jim Galloway has replaced the Birther Reports video clip with the original audio from the show that I supplied. A huge tip of the RC Radio hat to Mr. Galloway.]

My interview with Mark Hatfield was mentioned in a column called Political Insider by Jim Galloway yesterday except you would never know it. You see Mr. Galloway was fooled by this video posted on the Obama Release Your Records web site, aka Birther Report. You may remember someone using the name ORYR posting in the BTR chat room the the other night acting like a two year old and calling everyone commies? The ORYR web site embedded audio of my show in its own wrapper without putting a link or giving attribution to the original source. You may judge yourself as to whether or not that is within the "Fair Use" exclusion of the copyright laws. It certainly was unethical.

I hold no grudge against Mr. Galloway but I sent him a polite email asking him to please give attribution to the original source. I really could care less about that birther cesspool that cannot decide on a name. Here is the video from the aforementioned site.

If you don't want to give that site a click (for obvious reasons) here is the same audio:


  1. We can thank ORYR for exposing what a two-faced liar Mr. Hatfield is. Publishing those emails from the legislator provided the evidence we needed. Mucho gracias, ORYR!

    Co-Sponsor of Georgia Proof-of-Eligibility Law Rep. Sean Jerguson Speaks Out: Slams Media For Spinning & Half-Truths; Got Citizen Parents!?

  3. Hi James

    (a) This breaking news was filmed a week ago, before Rep Hatfield changed the bill so that it would NOT apply to President Obama.

    (b) A Natural Born Citzenship is one born on American soil. That's it. A proper translation of the french used at the time has Vattel speaking about "The Native or Indigenous." Not "natural born" citizenship. According to Vattel the only ones eligible would be American Indians.

    Of course, and much more convincingly, Vattel also said, in a far clearer translation "Finally, there are states, as, for instance, England, where the single circumstance of being born in the country naturalizes the children of a foreigner." That's the law that passed onto The United states. And we know that applied because there is nowhere that that law was specifically revoked, like Kenya did when they passed a law revoking the British 1948 naturalization act.

    Which means President Obama is eligible. Sorry.

    (c) Blaming the media for the Representatives actually reading the bill and finding it makes no sense, and prudently withdrawing their names from a dead turkey is hardly fair.