Thursday, March 10, 2011

RC Radio for 3/10/2011 - Mark Hatfield (GA) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ)

I have two guests tonight who have opposing views on their states versions of the "Birther Bills". Representative  Mark Hatfield from Georgia who is the author of HB 401 is scheduled at 9 PM ET and Senator Kyrsten Sinema who opposes a similar bill in Arizona will join the discussion at 9:30. Thanks to both of these busy legislators for taking time from their busy schedules to appear.The player on this page works or the direct link is

You can join the discussion by calling 347 324-5546.


  1. Kewl - RC's brand of

    Toughman® competition.

  2. Well that was interesting. I certainly enjoyed it. I will do a recap tomorrow. Thanks especially to Rep. Hatfield and Sen. Sinema for taking time to appear on my piddly little show. I am humbled.

    I hope to have both on the program again soon. I would like to have Sen. Sinema back in a more relaxed interview when she has more time. She came into the middle of a fairly lively discussion.