Friday, March 18, 2011

The Examiner needs to have its head examined

You probably didn't notice but I removed the link to The Examiner from the Resources widget on the blog. The Examiner recently decided to support professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau of the blog Pee and Eee and remove both of Bill Bowman's Examiner pages. Fortunately, Bill will continue to post on his new blog Turning the Scale without the censorship imposed by the idiots at The Examiner. I had some hope for The Examiner, which leans strongly conservative in content, to show a modicum of impartiality when they heeded my complaint and others and removed one of the libelous articles written by Anthony Martin about members of The Fogbow forum. However, by completely banning Bowman merely  based on the screeching and baseless complaints of the sedition pushing, liar Sharon Rondeau The Examiner showed their true colors.

The Examiner Legal Team in Action


  1. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.

  2. I did send them a couple of polite nasty-grams. Haven't been back since - nor were any of my missives acknowledged much less answered ...They apparently don't need my clicks bad enough. Personally, they are rather stupid as there is a really good possibility of pushing up the numbers to the Censored