Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woodman v Corsi, et. al. and a Special Edition of RC Radio

John Woodman will debate Mara Zebest, Karl Denninger, and Tom Harrison in the first hour and a half, and Jerome Corsi appearing for the last half hour on Mark Gillars Blog Talk show this afternoon at 3 PM EST.

Here is a direct link to the Gillar show. At 2 PM CST this should open and play: Mark Gillar Show. You can also call and listen on this number I believe: (646) 727-3170 (Mr. Gillar says he will not be taking questions.)

John will also be on a special edtion of RC Radio immediately following for a  “debriefing” starting at 5 PM EST/ 4 PM CST. The link is RC Radio Debate Wrapup Show or you may call (347) 324-5546 to listen or ask a question.


  1. listen to the show was very unnerving, Mr. Woodman was out-shouted and made no gains, it was a waste of time. (he was arguing with birthers after all) I think Mr. Woodman now realizes that birthers are allergic to facts and the truth.

  2. I hope you caught my interview with John Woodman following the debate. It went off pretty much as I expected. Mark Gillar did a fair job of moderating but could have done better. I will not fault him too much because I have been in his place and it is not easy. I think he was unprofessional to change the order around and add another participant, Nellie (Butterdizillion) at the last minute. Also, there was supposed to be a 30 minute one on one with John Woodman and Jerome Corsi at the end of the show and that didn't happen.

    My take on the interview is this:

    John Woodman acted professionally and with courtesy. He never yelled or butted in except when Zebest and Denninger tried to talk over him. Jerry Corsi wanted to leave as soon as Woodman nailed him on his lie about the 1955 Hawaii Medical Journal article and birth certificate number that it never even mentions. He went into full obfuscation and lying mode. He made a big deal about the question as to why the White House posted a PDF and how it was made. That was a straw man argument because there are valid reasons they posted a PDF and compressed it. The chain of custody and authentication are from the State of Hawaii. That is what counts. Corsi is just a sleaze merchant and acted unprofessionally.

    Mara Zebest is clueless. I had never heard her before and I was astounded at her lack of expertise in just about everything. I can see why she couldn't get her computer to boot at the WND presser. She was petty and completely unprofessional.

    Karl Denninger is a loudmouthed jerk. I would have asked him how many forgeries has he ever detected? Both Denninger and Zebest were clueless when John Woodman clearly showed that neither the White House PDF document nor the AP jpg could have been the source for the other so there must be an original document.

    I congratulate John Woodman for going on the Mark Gillar show with the deck stacked against him. He fared very well. I would have run it more like a real debate had RC Radio been chosen as the venue.

  3. yes, I caught him on RC radio, that was a good segment, Mr. Goodman was a class act, his opponents were not. Any posts these opponents may make will be snide remaks on how they won. They need an analyst to help them recover from so much hate.