Monday, April 18, 2011

Shocking News: McCain Spent 2.6 Million to Fight Release of His Birth Certificate*

Last week we learned the shocking news that John McCain's campaign has spent 2.6 million dollars in legal fees to fight the release of his birth certificate and other private records. While the reported amount is 1.3 million dollars it is well known in legal circles that the reported amounts are normally much lower than the actual amount. What is John McCain hiding and why won't he release a copy of his birth certificate like Barack Obama did? An apparently forged copy of McCain's birth certificate from Panama was filed by a plaintiff Fred Hollander in a Birther lawsuit against McCain. McCain was strangely silent on the authenticity of the birth certificate however.

It has also been reported some of this "2.6 million dollars" was spent vetting Sarah Palin (can you say hiding the dirt). How much of that money was spent to keep the story out of the press that Trigg Palin (or is it Tripp or Twigg or Taproot?) was not Palin's child? We would all like to know, John McCain. Why won't you release your birth certificate and prove you were not a fraudulent candidate? Why can't wee see the Palin kid's BC while you are at it, John? The only questions during the 2008 about any candidate's natural born status were about John McCain, not Barack Obama. The Senate covered for McCain by passing a nonbinding resolution. What did the Senate get in return for covering for the Panamanian candidate? Was the country only 200 or so electoral votes away from having a Panamanian in the White House? Is John McCain secretly funding the Obama Birther movement to hide his own ineligibility? Will the truth ever come out? Why isn't Donald Trump asking for McCain's birth certificate? Who paid Trump for silence? Holy merciful flying spaghetti monster will we every get answers?

* This article is presented in the finest journalistic tradition of World Net Daily and may be completely devoid of fact and contain raw speculation or complete fabrication.


  1. The GOP is like the "Chicken Littles” always saying that the “Sky is Falling”, like the same ones that were the “Chicken Hawks” ("W" Wars), big talk no courage.

    The United States, favors creativity wherever it can be found. We're apostles of prosperity and defenders of the free exchange of ideas and when more people in more countries are free to rise, to invent, to communicate, to dissent, it's not the doom of United States leadership, its the triumph of the American way.

    Generations have worked hard and sacrificed much for the country to reach this point (individuals and our unions!), and with further hard work and sacrifice (along with our relentless self-doubt) the United States will rise again, we do not tire and we are coming back, no matter what the “Chicken Littles” keep saying about our nation. Never Bet Against the United States!

    Our current President travelled under a USA passport long before he was elected President, but I guess the quacky BIRTHERS, must believe that the USCIS – United States Passport was in on the lie, please, grow up, you are wrong! Remember when some contractors were busted during the “George W. Bush” administration for looking at our current President passport file (how quick you forget).

    The Birthers just HATE and can’t debate!
    Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS presented any credible proof that will standup in court? Answer: No
    Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS won any Court Cases? Answer: No
    They are just mainly backward, uneducated, white people who HATE our half black President.

    The majority of the voting public ask “where the proof”, show some proof BIRTHERS or the voting majority will continue to see you as dumb, stupid or racist, maybe all three. Can you blame them?

    Still, I really hope one of these retreads and blowhards runs for president, not because they have a chance of winning but because I like to see the train wreck that they will cause.

    Faux News Candidates:
    former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ”The I graduated Early”,
    former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. “The I Love The Interns”,
    former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee “The Huckster Reverend”,
    former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. “The I Love the Gays”,
    former UN Ambassador John Bolton “The I Love The War ”

    I Finance Myself:
    real estate celebrity developer, Donald Trump, “I took my Casino into Bankruptcy, just imagine where I can Take the US”
    former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “The Flip-Flopping Fudger”,
    former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “The I Am Not My “Dumb Ass” Brother”,

    Employed Long Shots:
    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. “The History, I Don’t Need No Stink’n History”,
    Mississippi Gov./ former tobacco lobbyist, Haley Barbour “The last White Hope”

  2. Thank FSM you have the courage to keep this in the spotlight. The questions are troubling indeed. I guess we dodged a bullet in 2008 - we could be ruled today by a Central American Dick Tater.

  3. Yes we dodged a bullet for sure. We might have lost the Panama Canal had McCain been able to usurp the office.

  4. I wonder if that disclaimer will cover you? Joey Farah just might sue you for stealing his format.