Saturday, May 16, 2015

The End of the Birther Movement?

First, I am reactivating my Blogger Blog at least temporarily for reasons I will get into later.

Doctor Conspiracy left an interesting comment at Birther Report:

I don't know if Gallups realized it, but his show today put the last nail in the coffin of the birther movement.

Gallups confirmed what I have been saying for almost a year now, that the "earth shattering" information that he and Zullo were talking about starting around the end of 2013, the deep, dark turn, was exactly the alleged CIA data dump from Dennis Montgomery.

What is so utterly devastating about this confirmation is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio himself admitted in open court last month that the Montgomery information was junk. Chief Deputy Sheridan testified that Montgomery was just "stringing us along" and that is what Zullo has been doing to you for a year and half.

The great hope of the birthers: the Arpaio/Zullo investigation, the universe shattering revelation--all of it was junk.
Doc was referring to Gallups' rambling and bizarre segment on his Freedom Friday program on May 15, 2015 in which he confirmed that the much ballyhooed "universe shattering"* evidence that he and Zullo had been talking about in 2013 and 2014 was indeed connected with what has now been dubbed the "Seattle Operation" work with con man Dennis Montgomery.  Doc conveniently provided a transcript of the segment in this article yesterday.

Doc hit a nerve at BR and the self proclaimed leader of the pack there Falcon posted this idiotic reply:

Horseshit. They had Obama by the balls twice. The first presser said that Obama used forged documents. Interesting how you condone that for a communist - but would certainly repudiate it for a Conservative. You'd be leading the charge to get rid of any Republican with forged documents.

They also have Obama on foreign student status - a well known bit that I personally released more than a year ago. And you know it's true.

This horsecrap with some Montgomery has nothing to do with Obama and his surrogates forging documents and put them on official governmental websites. That all occurred long before Montgomery ever came along. And it was all created by Obama in a criminal act of fraud against the United States.

Another fail by you. And don't forget - you were named in affidavit that was forcibly unsealed in Vogt's discovery. You're hardly an un-partial party.
It has been amusing to watch Falcon's schizophrenic machinations over Gallups and Zullo. He alternates between whining that they have nothing or are intimidated into silence to proclaiming that "A/Z Day" is coming soon so all the Obots better get ready to go to jail. 

I should disclose that I am privy to Falcon's real name and location. I will only say he seems to be a nobody whose self importance on the Internet is entirely a fiction of his own creation. He tends to infest one forum or blog at a time. Before Birtherism came along he had a bizarre fascination with missing persons particularly Natalee Holloway in discussions at a forum called Scared Monkeys where he posted using the name "Rob".

So is this the end of the Birther Movement? I suppose it depends on how you define "end". Are there still Birthers? Of course and some will be until they are dead and gone. However, what is at an end is any hope that Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo will ride in on white horses to remove the nasty black man from the White House. Arpaio now is faced with a certain civil contempt citation in the Melendres case and it appears headed to much worse for him. Now that the "Seattle Operation" has come to light things aren't looking rosy for Mike Zullo either. Not that fantasies of removing Obama were ever real but I think even the die hards like Bob Nelson at BR, Mark Gillar and even Falcon know it's over.

* Note that Gallups downgraded what was once "universe shattering" to plain ordinary "earth shattering" evidence. Mathematically that is a downgrade of unquantifiable proportion.