Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthers are "askeered" to come on my show

What do Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, Mario Apuzzo, Pamela Barnett, Tim Adams, Ducky Hemenway, and Andrea Shea King all have in common? (Well, besides the obvious.) Answer: They are all afraid to come on RC Radio and defend their lies views. I have invited every one of them at one time or another. Not one one of them believes they can survive without having a nutty doting host or a tightly moderated blog to keep truth and facts muzzled. They must really be confident in their ability to support their beliefs - not.

[Edited to add:]

James Manning and RSOL Phil did come on my show and are welcome back. Manning's parting words were "and don't ask me back on your show." So I have not asked him back. I plan to ask Phil back again some time. I had a good conversation with both of them. I don't think Manning was too happy that I didn't buy his line that the Tenth Amendment allowed him to hold a lynching or that the Senate said you had to have two citizen parents to become president when they passed Senate resolution 511 concerning John McCain.


  1. I was surprized Mae Beavers allowed herself to be put in the position of defending her views (they must be hers - she proposed this abortion of a bill).

  2. I hope that ain't a pitcher of a rooster there.

    You need a hen, or even better, a pullet.

    I won the pullet surprise.