Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terry Krepel from ConWebWatch will be my guest on RC Radio tonight

Terry Krepel from ConWebWatch and the companion ConWebBlog will be my guest tonight. Terry attended the over-hyped news conference conducted by WorldNetDaily at a rented room at the National Press Club yesterday where WND announced they are suing Esquire for a laughable amount of money because Esquire ran a satirical article claiming Joe Farah had pulled Jerome Corsi's new book on the day of publication. 

What's ConWebWatch?

The Internet has spawned a plethora of "alternative" news sources. Some of them -- with substantial financial backing from political conservatives -- claim to offer some version of the “real truth,” the stories you suppposedly don’t get from “mainstream” media.

In reality, these sites are no less slanted or arrogant than they accuse the "mainstream" media of being. They demonstrate time and again that, despite promoting themselves with words like "fairness," "responsibility," "accuracy" and "balance," their real goal is to attack and discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with them, as well as to promote their own political views -- the same exact thing they accuse the "liberal" media of doing.

That is why I created ConWebWatch in April 2000 as the first Web site dedicated to analysis and critique of conservative "new media" -- and it is the only one with these organizations as its main focus.

Reality Check Radio at 9 PM EDT

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paul Irey's biased analysis - "I knew it was a forgery before I even looked at it"

Paul Irey
Paul Irey was my guest on the second hour of RC Radio last Thursday. Mr. Irey retired from the graphics design and advertising profession. He was also an Air Force clerk back in the 1950's. Mr. Irey claims no expertise in document forensics. His background and lack of credentials would lead one to ask why Mr. Irey took it upon himself to perform an analysis of the Obama long form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27 and declare it a forgery. It would also lead one to question why anyone would take him seriously. World Net Daily seems to the only site with any wide distribution who has published Mr. Irey's "findings". Mr. Irey blames the "corrupt media who are protecting Obama" for not widely distributing his analysis.

Let's look a little more closely at Mr. Irey's story. Mr. Irey said he became interested in the eligibility issue in 2008 when he heard of Phil Berg and his lawsuit. Mr. Irey has some of the facts wrong on Berg. He claimed Berg had filed his suit in the Pennsylvania courts and that Berg was a "respected attorney" when he filed his suit. Neither of these is correct. Berg filed in the Federal Court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and was known as a 911 Truther who wanted both President Bush and VP Cheney tried for treason for their part in the 911 terrorist attack. Mr. Irey repeated the long debunked Birther claim that one could obtain a short form COLB stating Hawaiian birth without having been born in Hawaii. Irey also claimed that he knew the BC was a forgery before he even looked at it because an unnamed Secret Service agent had told him "Obama had not been vetted". Can you say confirmation bias?

More on Mr. Irey and Mr. Vogt's incredible claims >>

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transcript of the May 11 Hearing in Hornbeck v Salazar Procured

The transcript of the impromptu hearing held by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson  on May 11 in New Orleans was posted by Jack Ryan and Friends of The Fogbow today. The transcript indicates that the report given by Georgetown JD the same evening on RC Radio was indeed very accurate including the two interruptions when Orly's cell phone rang, (Cell phones are not allowed in the court by rule and any real lawyer would have been mortified and turned it off after the first incident). The purpose of the hearing was to discuss Taitz motion to intervene in a case involving the off shore drilling ban imposed after the April 20, 2010 BP spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

No hearing had been scheduled. However, Taitz didn't bother to read the local rules, misinterpreted the docket, and flew all the way from her palatial mansion in California to New Orleans believing there was to be one. Judge Wilkinson took pity on the ditzy attorney and called attorneys for the other parties to quickly conduct the unscheduled hearing while forcing parties in other cases who had followed the rules and had hearings on the docket to wait. Taitz silly motion to intervene was denied the following day.